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Will a 4k / 2k gaming screen work with a 1070 ti video card?


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Hello everyone, I recently thought of upgrading to a 2k screen or For gaming purposes.

Now I know that the video card I have is not capable of running 2K or Smoothly...

I have a computer that will run every game in full hd. (Now I am buying ps 4 pro, to play exclusive games, and I want to play on 2k / 4k screen)

My question is: Can I run my computer games in full hd on screen For example? And still get the same performance with the current stap ??

(Again I want a screen that will be used for consoles like pro and maybe ... and that the computer will still run at 1080p without getting stuck until one day I upgrade my video card)




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Quote of the captaincaveman

 If you set the game to run in FHD, it will run in FHD and the performance should be like on an FHD screen in terms of FPS.


Why buy PS4 Is the 5th coming out really soon?

Lol, I just want to play all the games, I have , A full HD gaming computer that runs every game on Ultra.

And now when I also have a PlayStation 4 Pro with a screen I can enjoy all the exclusive games ... what's more in the next two years all

A game that came out for the PlayStation 5 also came out for the PlayStation 4 ... and that way I can also play on the computer and see beautiful colors, etc.

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Clearly illogical.

Buy PS 5 and you can also play PS 4 games.

PS 4 will not be able to play PS 5 games.

Quote by harel1

8 cores and 12 threads)

16 threads not 12.


The processor is excellent but if you are replacing a screen for a higher resolution then you will upgrade a video card together.

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Quote of the captaincaveman

He does not have to. It can also happily play on 1080 with a screen 4k, And upgrade a video card in the future when he decides he is willing to make that expense.

Thanks so much for the help yah! And in my opinion 1080 on screen This is great, in general my screen does not allow vivid colors and also quite small, so the 4K will be great for both consoles and my gaming computer!

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