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Looking to buy a Dell U2720Q computer screen

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I am interested in buying a screen for a Dell U2720Q computer.

I compared prices in Zap, and there are a lot of stores there that I do not know and I would like to ask about them.

The only stores I know of from any list there are HERE They are Schneider and Bug, and they offer higher prices than lots of stores ahead of them on the list.
Both WinPrice and Triple 4u stores offer the cheapest prices and Zap defines them as "smart shopping" with lots of very good reviews, in addition to that they offer a 3 year official importer warranty while Bug offers two years.


Has anyone heard of these stores / purchased anything from them?

I'll be happy to know.


Thanks in advance,



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I have not heard and do not know, but the responsibility is of Themselves and for 3 years, so if you already have the product, the store itself is not interesting. D.A. The responsibility of In excellent screens, from my experience.

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