Is it possible to transfer a legal operating system from the old hardsick to the new one? Windows forums
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Is it possible to transfer a legal operating system from the old hardsick to the new one?

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Quote of ag43

If it is octave and connected to the internet there is no problem.


Install Windows 10 Clean on the new SSD and on the first connection to the Internet it will be activated automatically.

How do i install clean windows 10 on The new one? After all, when I take out the old HDD and insert the new SSD it will be empty and will not be on it So I will not be able to connect to the internet 



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I did not understand what a clean installation is and I did not understand what duplication is and I did not understand what wrote is what is above you 

So I will explain again exactly

In 2013 I bought In KSP with Legal of WINDOS 7

In 2019 (yes I remembered later) I made a legal upgrade to the above operating system through the MicroPost website

That means as of today I have a legal operating system of 10
I want to remove the HDD that is inside my computer and install New
Before I remove the old HDD

Do I need to burn the operating system to disk? And if so how do you do it?



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If the size of the new drive is at least the same as the old drive, you can use one of the recommended duplication software (e.g. This list). Connect the new drive, duplicate the old to the new, and disconnect the old (or use it as a secondary).


Of course be careful not to "replicate" accidentally from the new to the old and delete the old.

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It seems to me that he was confused.
You want to install On the new disk and that your personal information will remain? (Files on the desktop, documents, software you installed, etc ...)
Or Windows will be installed (in full of course) but it will be without your personal information.

Of course the first option is more complex and according to your questions, you will probably need help with this (do not insult).
The second option is much simpler. What's more, once you have Windows installed on your new SSD, you can plug the previous disk aside and simply copy your old files (desktop, documents, etc ... no software !!)

What you've been told about Windows's Prepare tool It's very simple.
You download the tool from the link (or a Google search will find you the link to the Microsoft site to download the tool), insert a drive That you do not mind formatting. I think the minimum volume is 8GB - not closed on that.
The tool formats the USB, copies an installation of 10 (This is basically the installation of 10 - Like it used to be a CD. Now it's on USB)
Once it finishes you do a restart to the computer and before the previous Windows comes up you need to get to the boot manager of your computer (in all this is different. Usually it is pressing F12) and from there choose to mount what USB. And you get into the installation of the new Windows 10.

If you want to make 100% sure that you are not accidentally installing the new Windows on the old drive, once the tool finishes preparing the USB and you do a computer restart, instead of a restart, shut down the computer, disconnect the old disk and there will be no doubt the information will be damaged.

Hope I helped.

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