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RTX3070 - First test

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This is exactly what Nexus claims, not to upgrade from 1080TI to 3070, recommended to upgrade that the jump in performance is double or close to it, for example for those who have 1070    

Say, are you bored in life with these comments? Yes I prefer NVIDIA, and their reliability, call it whatever you want. Okay because of me they will not lower prices, come on good night.    

They thought and how, they thought too much. Think that since AMD does not have a competing product anyway, it would be a shame to spend more money on memory. And they were wrong.

Some issues with the 8GB are reported . Some titles already require 8-9.5GB .....

In such cases graphic settings should be downloaded to extract the necessary memory balance. Usually get off textures

At the highest level to one below. Was expected to be honest.

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Oddly enough the RT3070's RT performance is no better than the 2080TI. The reviewer expected that because they moved to a new architecture and due to NVIDIA's announcements of the improvements made, we would see better performance when running RT, actually getting the same performance of the previous generation.


DA According to this review it seems to purchase 3080 with 8 GB Today it is not the smartest thing ...

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The more interesting question, in my opinion anyway, is what is going to happen in the second hand market.

I want to see what is going to be the market price of 2000 series cards such as the 2070/2080 / 2080ti

And no less interesting is what will be the market price of the 1000 series, which is still very relevant including 1070/1080 / 1080ti.

That's where the most bang for the buck is.

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Yes - but of course the intention for those who intend to play in . In my opinion the 3070 is still not a ticket Satisfactory, anyone planning to play at this resolution is better off squinting towards the 3080s.


I'm still curious to see what was tomorrow with the launch of . Unfortunately they have left the market so many times that I am not optimistic, but it is worth the wait one day.

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RDNA2 performance has probably been pretty clear to the community and is at a caliber of 3080 (maybe a drop below to be careful).

This means that they did not disappoint this round.


Also means better than 3070 clearly and significantly. And 16GB of memory.


But ... right now the rumor is talking about a price tag of $ 700 identical to that of 3080. Ouch.


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