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Finding a password for a locked computer

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Hello friends.

Need help finding a software / command that finds and displays the password in Windows 10 (when the computer is locked, of course.)

I searched a lot on the net and all I found were tools for resetting / changing passwords without knowing what the original password was (like Hairness Bot and Windows Password Recovery Tool Professional and the like)


I know there is an option through CMD to enter some commands to remove the original password, I have not found an explanation how to see what the original password is without overriding the previous one.


Thanks for the helpers.

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Quote of ag43

What makes you think someone will answer you for this?

Why not? It's not that I'm trying to hack into a computer other than mine. (And even if I wanted to do that then using the above software was enough)

A couple of my friends bought a computer for their child, knowing the child they are criticizing for his actions, the child puts a password out of his mind to the computer and the parents want to know what was done without the child knowing.


It may sound immoral from the childish aspect, the parental aspect is understandable and legitimate, their child and the computer they own, the child has been given the right to use, that's all.

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And even if he's not real, who's the matter? I asked for software, not a lesson in morality.

A person has given birth to a child, bought a computer and needs a matter-of-fact solution, no alternative proposal and no abstract discussion of moral standards.


Even hiring a private investigator to photograph the wife of something cheating is immoral, if I open a post and ask for a recommended private investigator we will discuss whether it is okay to cheat or spy? 

give me a break

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You can reset a password from a live environment. It is not possible to find out what it was because it is a one-way function that can only return right or wrong to a particular stack.

Of course a people 10 I'm only talking about a local user and not an external sand verification factor.

Once you have access to SAM because there is no complete disk encryption, you can do anything.


There are over 36 million results in Google if you are looking for "windows 10 reset password live cd" then feel free to do what needs to be done with your method.

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Quote of Jabberwock

You can read hereפונקציית_גיבוב

Why you can only reset and not see the original password

Correct me if I'm wrong but if he has access to SAM, he will not be able to get the password of the password and then run a search in front of rainbow tables hoping the password the child chose is there?

Unless the passwords in Windows 10 are saved with SALT then it is irrelevant.

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