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Do not recommend 012 Mobile

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I was a customer of 012 Mobile for 7 years. Every year they update packages and as usual move to the new package as the price of the previous package goes up.

I was a customer for 7 years, and I was always in a package with calls abroad at a price ranging from 30-45 NIS per month, and I call a few minutes abroad a month.

As a regular customer for so long I have not checked the small print of the new package and the truth, that for several months I have not checked the invoices either.

But suddenly I open the site and look at the latest invoices, and find that for 6 months I paid over 200 NIS several times, it turns out that in the new package there were no calls abroad.

I called customer service and the answer: "Sorry, legally this is your problem and there is nothing to do with it." Of course that day I moved company and transferred 4 more members of the family to another company, and calls started immediately from 012 customer service to the family members


So I just wanted you to be prepared for poor Israeli service even from a company of this size. 


Obviously the mistake on my part, but seeing the customer's history with the company, I believe it is possible to reach a settlement other than "sorry, legally this is your problem and there is nothing to do with it".

Example of good customer service: I develop and use (Amazon's cloud service), and once I forgot to delete some virtual machines I created (EC2), databases (RDS), and in addition I did not delete domains I had, and for all of these there is a fixed monthly fee.

I logged in after a few months and saw a charge of a few hundred dollars (yes, it's expensive). I opened CASE on the site of , I explained to them about the mistake in good faith, and the next day, canceled all charges ...


So this is a hope my case is known to more people and will make proper use of this information




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Quote of multicore

I don't understand anything here.

Sign up with a new user (I see things behind the scenes) just to post this discussion? Why?

What is the connection between AWS Which mobile services company?

What things do you see behind the scenes? Why are you so mysterious? Tell us all. I have a lot of other users here by the way that you probably do not know behind the scenes, so you did not track well enough. 

The relationship between It is to give an example of good customer service and what I expected and why even though I made a mistake there are still cases where a company can help its customer.


Tip: Do not infringe on the privacy of your users in public, it will drive them away. 

I do not know why you also ask "what is the connection between To a cellular company "in a way that implies that I advertise them, because I do not think they need advertising, so I do not understand what the point of your response is except to show everyone that you .. admin and you have the ability to see" behind the scenes "that someone connects from the same IP?


Challenge for you: find all my users in the forum and send it to me (because I forgot some of them myself and I want to remember)

Edited By gutenberg
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