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Laptop from the USA - battery and cable + (type of) solution

Ben gordon

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Quote of A-10

Plus, have you heard of process acceleration?

Manufacturers have an orderly test method that can be assumed

More accurate than the "tests" you did.

Clearly, and all the lawyers, judges and politicians in the world are as straight as a ruler. 


These labs that are almost always subcontractor labs (even in the US) do not have quality testing equipment. They have no way of checking whether or not there is a need when the computer is off.

They will test capacity. Maybe they will replace one part or another with a blind one. ( , Board) at best they will open the computer and find that there is some defect that you actually see.


As long as the battery lasts like the other battery, it can be assumed that the problem is not with the battery. 

Need some consumer. There may be a burnt component inside the battery but then you would expect more acute effects. There may be a tiny capacitor in the secondary circuit that is abbreviated. 



Quote by Ben Gordon


First, is it a discharge too fast or more or less standard?

Second, how will they check? 

They will not leave their computer closed for two weeks. 

This is a discharge too fast.


You can send for warranty with a document with a short and concise explanation. (I have two identical, I turn them both off and on after two weeks, one at 90% and what I sent for repair at 60%) and be optimistic. 

You can also do a test of a week or 5 days. That's maybe they will do with them. If one computer drops by 5% in 5 days and the other drops by 15% then there is a clear difference.

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Well, you can give quite a bit "can be A or B or C, etc.",

But it is clear that from here it is impossible to know what the problem is, if any.

I was talking about manufacturers having far better testing options than the consumer

Average in his home. I did not claim that this was necessarily what they would do.

There are also consumer complaints in the US about manufacturers there,

Although it is clear that there is nothing to compare between there and here.


And what else I came to say -

Instead of filling 4 pages in a discussion with TO BE OR NOT TO BE,

It is best to send the mobile to the manufacturer for testing.


Successfully !

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Update: The laptop was in the lab two days net, checked, replaced (Internal, does not disassemble) to a new battery and send it back to me.

Should arrive today, is there anything worth checking out? (Except of course for monitoring the discharge rate)

Edited By Ben Gordon
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The laptop arrived, two strange things:


1. In the documentation document that came with it, it says that it was replaced And a hard disk, sounds weird so on a second look at the document I see that they sent a document from another laptop.

I mean, send me back my laptop, but attach a document from someone else in general (with a reading number and a different serial number 🤦♀️)


2. The laptop came back with 33% , That it looks suspicious in light of the glitch that the laptop was sent to in the first place.

(It is possible, of course, that he ran many tests that they consumed And did not bother to recharge again before sending back)

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Quote of A-10

As for the paperwork, serious, but not critical.

As for the battery - a little patience.

Upload, check, update.



What I have not yet been able to understand from this thread, unequivocally, is what the maximum maximum daily discharge rate is when the laptop is off.

Anyone know how to say?

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Quote of A-10

I do not think so.

It depends on a lot of variables.

By chance, beyond the academic aspect, you have a reference

In the form of the second mobile.

As long as the differences are not big, all is well.


Yes, but there is no average number that is considered reasonable?

What's more I now turned on the second laptop after it was off for two and a half weeks (approximately) and the battery was at 0%, so I'm not sure anymore.

I'm loading both now and I'll check later, it's going to be interesting to see differences,

But even if there are no differences, they may both fall apart too quickly anyway, so I wanted some acceptable average number as a reference.

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