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RX 6800 XT and RX 6800 graphics cards in review: Is Radeon defeating GeForce?


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Trying to take care of you so as not to leave the stage hungry.

A quick search found one sample video, of someone trying to test what happens when he defines more In the title

Game, than there is in practice in the graphics accelerator. He wants to see what it does. It reports a stuttering experience 

Just as expected to happen:




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Quote of the captaincaveman

I specifically talked about the 3080.

As for the 3070 compared to the 6800, do not forget that there is no small difference in price.


As for the 6800 there is another 15% difference in price, which provide an average addition of something similar even in FPS, but this is not the right picture:

Using only 8GB , A product such as the 3070 was born on the DOA frontier in terms of life expectancy.

For today it is enough on the scales as they say, narrowly. Those who buy it expect a high gaming experience, as is customary with a hi-end card,

That is, high resolution and full eye candy, only he could not get it. And already in the coming year (and certainly in the one after that) he will encounter limitations.

On the other hand, another 15% that costs 6800, which brings us another 15% FPS as mentioned, also buys us an option to fit all game titles

For 3 years ahead quietly (and maybe a little beyond). What 3070 could not provide, so these other 15% are equivalent to more than 15% 

In practical practice on the timeline. And is therefore the preferred purchase in this aspect and this is also the conclusion of the reviewers in this Holocaust.


About 3080 same problem of Too short, though a bit less difficult, until we exceed 10GB it has about a half year advantage in my estimation

Over 3070 (with respect to the rate of increase in memory consumption on the part of titles).

But, even for him who claims to give more FPS, is not true. In practice he and the 6800XT are considered equal in the broad average of things.

Each has a slight advantage here or there depending on the resolution and title.


Speaking of equivalence between these cards, see with me the following comparison made in 1440P, watch to the end:


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Quote of the captaincaveman

I saw that. In the second part he tries it with more זיכרון And a more powerful processor and the situation improves a lot.

It seems to be very dependent on the rest of the components in the system and it is hard to look at one thing and say it is because of it.



I've written to you here in a previous thread and I'm sure you remember, that I personally do not need the demonstrations of something, who knows him

Well as a result of development in the field and professionally engaged in it. This is really not new to me. But to you it is a new yes, so you need for yourself

Understand and feel the business.


Therefore follow these steps: 

Put on your computer another video card, not the 3090, something old used that you have. Play with the settings and perform a simulation

For self-impression. Experience the by-products in your machine at home when defining a deviation from VRAM. I'm confident I'll catch you right away

What happens not need me or videos to understand what is happening. It is very easy and fast to see.


** Beyond the logic of the thing and after being explained here in the thread, about what happens when the memory runs out and textures change,

He is trivial to understand and explains himself well. Probably for someone like you who writes code and works in the field.

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And here are also tests that someone has already done with it:


In short, 10GB is far from suffocating even in.

Going to check it out with me now ... but pretty sure you can leave this issue and buy any card you want with the understanding that the amount of memory is enough (unless your intention is to sit on this card 6 years, and even then its performance will be a problem long before the amount of memory)

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Quote of djelectric

I think about devoting time to researching VRAM occupancy, VRAM cashing in modern game engines, and why conventional thinking in terms of VRAM occupancy might be misleading. Not sure it will be particularly popular, but wonder how much is required.


Is it possible to limit the amount of memory a game can utilize?

It will be interesting to take the 3090 and limit its memory to 8, 10, 16 and see differences in heavy games.

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I am very much in favor of conducting such a review as the issue is topical in the current launch round more than ever. There have been no launches of

"Memory on the edge" and this is something precedent-setting, friends and amateurs need to understand the meaning of buying a ticket today, even 8 or 10GB

Memory, what does it mean when a title wants more?

And so I feel he is speaking on behalf of all of us, and asking that you indeed take this exam, she is requested.

** If you would like technical-engineering advice on how to take the exam I would be happy to help with love.


Summary for previous chapters:

This year 2016 and for the first time Noydia is launching cards with 8GB , These were GTX1080 / 1070 when in the generation before them

The 980ti held 6GB. But ... two years have passed since 2018 and the launch of the 2000 series did not increase the volumes of memory

And yet 2080/2070 cards have been marketed with 8GB . The justification then was, since there was no significant improvement in the power of the cores,

This is accepted with understanding. After all, the 2000 generation mostly added new RT capability over the 1000 series and less addressed or improved

Restriction capabilities, the power supply reliever was claimed to be similar to the previous generation, and the reliever has no point in loading more volume

A memory that would be difficult to deal with anyway.


But once again two years have passed this year, the end of 2020 and the 3000 series has not increased the memory volumes again, we are still with

8GB at 3070. This time the excuse that the core has not been strengthened is no longer standing, generation 3000 does provide a significant jump in power

The cores, which can now handle most data per unit of time, but without a corresponding increase in memory volume - one that matches the strong core

More, the core will not be utilized properly. There is a miss here.


This means, three consecutive generations 1070/2070/3070 in which the memory volume is not increased and is still stuck at 8GB.

From 2016 to 2020. In fact, we will remember that the 3000 generation tickets are intended to serve the market until the year 2022 (when a series will be launched

4000). This means that in practice these will be the years 2016 until the arrival of 2022 in which volume 8GB will have to address users.

Which is something like 6 years. 


There has never been such a thing as historical, the volume of memory has always been increased from generation to generation. After all, the core is strengthened between the generations, it is

Able to process more, so allow in her hand more workspace to feed its power in raw material. There is no wisdom

Blhzk core work and without improving the quality of graphics. Core alone does not improve graphics, But the volume of the raw material

That makes up the image yes. The core is in the system in order to process the raw material given in her hand. And in fact if you strengthen the

The graphics core but do not increase the volume of memory at the same time, prevent an increase in the graphics quality in favor of improving FPS alone. 

The same raw material with more computational power equals more FPS without visual enhancement. This does not seem to be the intention of consumers and developers of

The titles. They want an increase in graphic quality accompanied by improved performance, both.


While at the original launch in 2016 8GB had a large volume then and a ceiling burst compared to the previous generation (900 series), and the titles did not

Came close to utilizing such a volume, but were typically stuck and were utilizing up to 4GB, because the market was dominated by cards

970/980/290, it made sense to give the 1070/1080 a capacity of 8GB and give them preparation for the coming years. Evidence of this

Proved today 4 years later that 1070/1080 cards with 8GB are still relevant for high graphics settings.


But in the transition of two more generations ahead to the day 2020, we already see 8GB of typical memory utilization in a large part

Of game titles. But why did it happen? Because the titles of today were born into the world by the developers, who lived during the period

It has 8GB Is a common thing already. Not only on top cards by the way, but also on intermediate cards. It started back in the R9 390

From 2015 and continued on the RX480 / 580 until it became a routine thing including the cheap tickets. The inflatables took advantage of this from marble

Enough tickets on the market that have such a volume.


In a world where 16GB is starting to become commonplace thanks to the launch of the RX6000 series, and this is what will happen in 21-22 years, developers

Will use this assignment happily, increase the visual quality that can be achieved by increasing the resolution of the textures

(And the variety of textures) that can be inserted, thus providing more raw materials to the core of the card, which are possible to display to the viewer. 

A card that does not have the sufficient amount of memory will work without a doubt, but not in maximum visual settings, but below them.

Those where the quantity / quality of textures is lower. For example instead of ultra settings will trigger high (or mid) ... what convenes

To memory capacity available in that specific title.


I think every computer enthusiast will agree that whoever buys a video card with a price tag of $ 500-700, buys a hi end card and not

Mid ground card. Therefore he will not accept with understanding or ease a situation, that the card in his hand is limited to modern titles that take advantage

16GB, settle for non-maximum graphics settings, while the core of the card is strong enough and in theory can

Utilize 16GB of available memory, if only she had one on hand.





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We brought you materials, wheeled up the page and studied them (including a demo link in the video of what a VRAM size exception looks like).

What is outrageous is that you received a verbal explanation in Hebrew so professional and accurate, about the meaning of changing textures

Between VRAM and Accompanying the demo video, that instead of learning and developing knowledge, all you do is pollute the house

Ours here (hereafter the forum) in the language of a neighborhood. "Mind fucking" is a style that will keep your friends out here.

Anyone can also call you fucked mind in a symmetrical way after all. Want to go down to the street? I want to believe not.


Quote of the captaincaveman

By the way, I also checked in a few games and nothing comes close to 8GB.

Games like gears5, COD MW cold war etc.


Activate doom ethernal On nightmare graphic visuals and saw the memory consumption rise above 9GB VRAM.

Same as the warzone in full settings Need 10.5GB VRAM.

Try the control in full settings under With RT you need 9.5GB of VRAM.


These are some examples I know and remember at the moment, some of them are the first swallows that were born in modern times and take advantage of

The cards on the market are 1080ti and 2080ti models with 11GB In order to maximize visual quality.


* I remembered another close-up example, GTAV in full settings Need 7.9GB VRAM.



Should be naive to think, that Nvidia which is getting these days crossfire on this issue on the net, of too short

In its new 3070/3080 graphics cards, it ignores this and does nothing. This is serious business, with substantial risk for

The head in this aspect, a noise that could cause her damage. So she needs to silence him with an active response.

She does what needs to be sent to the "writers on her behalf" network, who will try to convince readers, "that the volume supplier".

She will do it through a proxy (her messengers who are not identified with her - ostensibly private individuals so they are ostensibly

Neutral). This is how this industry works, this is modern PR. Also in politics. That's why I suggest / recommend us all to be a little more

Careful and suspicious towards the subject, and study it in depth seriously. Perform self test at best, with our card and running

Titles and measure. After that smelt a state of lack in VRAM and see what happens (assuming the title allows setting like this, no

All titles allow), instead of drawing information from WWW writers who (we) have no idea who they are, what their interest is,

Do they have a counter to interests as they try to reassure us "Here everything is fine". 


if I (For example) So do the exact same thing, take a 3070 card and make a demo video that shows viewers what

Happens when a title needs more than 8GB of VRAM, and there is a bio-tube for educating the general public - to learn and see. Moreover,

Delivers the materials to all network reviewers working in the industry, from Jain through JAY to hardwareunboxed, accompanied by an offer

Let them talk about it and pass it on to the audience. Entertainment link to the demo video. The problem with She's that her PR is anemic, she knows

To get beaten up as a battered woman, but does not know how to repay. They are too polite.



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