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Memories of RYZEN processors from Amazon - Question

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I ordered these memories from Amazon for a new system that I will buy soon.




Are there any compatibility issues with the motherboard?
Are they considered okay? They will suit everyone Shakna?

Intends to match them to a 5600 / 5800XT processor


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I came across this on Amazon Germany :


Q: Is it fully compatible with an X570 tuf gaming plus with the 5600x? Thanks
A: Thank you for considering Products.

We would like to inform you that as per our Scanner tool BL2K8G36C16U4B is not compatible with TUF GAMING -PLUS.
If you have any questions, we welcome your reply.


I really hope this is not true .. see no reason why they should not work with such a board or with other boards in style ..

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So in short I have nothing to fear?


Precisely the data of this memory completely turned 3600 with CL 16 timing, I usually see that at such a speed they are sold here in the country as CL18.

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There is no compatibility issue with the processors.

I've already told you what the story is, and I'm ready to repeat it again ... The answer you saw means is that this specific memory was not tested by the manufacturer on this specific board. that's it. Most of the memories on the market have not been tested on this board, that does not mean they will not work.

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True I'm going to use a different board and a different processor.


Micron writes that the memory was designed for the processors of And Intel.

They are a company that understands a thing or two in memories so I believe it will be okay.

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