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Countdown to Black Friday at Newegg's Store: Concentration of Hardware Operations

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I was waiting for Black Friday to order the RT-AX86U's , But suddenly it is out of stock in their Israeli store. In the American store it is in stock, so they probably just stopped sending it to the country. Months sold to the country and suddenly stopped. Hallucinatory.

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Quote of Moon-Mage

What has Amazon got to do with it? And what's the problem with paying Amazon for shipping? In any case, the operations are particularly lukewarm.

Ahh ... well ... I probably relied on last year. It just means you have to add another $ 20-30 (at least, heavier stuff is more expensive) on shipping which lowers the viability. I remember how EVO was at $ 70 +, if you do the same operation today it first crosses the 75 mark and second in the country it is not much more expensive ...

Especially if you take into account the lack of responsibility.

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