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Looking for an OC motherboard - 5900X processor

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I estimate that in both the OC will be the same, in both the VRM system is the same and although in the STRIX tests maintains a lower VRM temperature it is really not something that justifies the price difference.

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I did not get to see all the videos but thanks.

So in short it is not a manual OC as it was in my previous experience with ?

Just from such an OC out ..?

In terms of actual performance, will there be any improvement? (Some rendering and gaming)


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I got you, then I'll definitely go for the cooling and board I designed.

When the computer arrives (sometime) I hope I can handle the overclock, although from what I understand it is automatic so there is no room to get involved.


I'm still in my days When it was necessary to raise the FSB and set the PCI to 100 on the BIOS and change the voltages manually. :)

It turns out that now life has become easier.


By the way, is this setting used in BIOS? Or through special software of ?

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