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The computer did not enter sleep mode

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Since the last update of Windows 10 the computer has not gone into sleep mode after 30 minutes — as set in power consumption — the settings are normal.

The computer does turn off the screen after 5 minutes.

Restart and shutdown did not help.

Is there any advice?





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Quote by Shlomi Davidson

You need to run the "command prompt" in administrator mode and type powercfg -request.


The poor thing does not know what the command line is and you also want administrator mode? :P


Let's try another way: press the key combination (This is a key that looks like this: image.png.2cbc39f4235d06ceabf7e1ef6c77f7d6.png Near the Alt) and R. This will open a window for you (it will probably be yours in Hebrew):


In the text box (where it says notepad) type cmd and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter. You will be prompted to confirm an administrator. This will open a window like this:


Your font will probably be different. Type in the powercfg window -requests window, and a screenshot will appear :).

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Quote of eranratzon

Wow, I thought you gave up on me ...

Thanks for the answers and help !!!


Screenshot 3. docx 1.64 MB · 1 download

It would be nice if you did not send a picture in a Word document but only the picture (can be pasted here Directly).


You typed powercfg, but you need to type:

powercfg -requests


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