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Consultation: Dell S2721DGF or Samsung Odyssey G7

--- The King ---

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Hello friends, I decided to buy a new monitor, and after much thought and quite a bit of "research" on the existing monitors on the market, I came to the dilemma between 2 monitors (Dell S2721DGF or Odyssey G7 27).

My uses are first and foremost work (reading and writing a lot of text), but also gaming when there is time for it (but when there is time, I want to enjoy it as much as possible of course).

What deters me on Samsung is the matter of viewing angles. I have been working with IPS monitors for many years and am very accustomed to this panel, and do not know if the transition to VA will be convenient for me. I will mention that I use the screen alone, which means that there are no more people looking at the screen from the side. In addition, the screen is convex, which reduces the viewing angles relative to the viewer. In terms of gaming performance, it's clear that I'll enjoy Samsung more also because of performance More impressive, and also because it is slightly faster.

On the other hand, there is the meager, the more solid, which makes me feel more confident, but also less exciting and special.


The big question is whether I will be more comfortable working on the Dell, or whether I will be very comfortable on the Samsung as well.


In terms of price it is not really critical to me. Once in 5-10 years, spending a few hundred shekels more is not what will change my mind. The top priority is a screen that I will enjoy and be happy with.


I would be very happy for your opinion on the matter. Thanks in advance.

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Check the F127Q or F127Q-P lied a lot.


Um, about the M127Q, I have already ordered it and I am debating it with the poor .. The problem is that I do not have the strength to wait for it for a month .. 

My computer is already assembled ..

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I came to the conclusion that from the IPS gaming category with support for , The Dell beats them all in performance, and even in price and ergonomics.

If you already ordered the gigabyte (I guess you meant the M27Q), honestly, I do not think an average person or even a gamer will notice such minor differences in performance, of a few milliseconds here or there. What's more, the screen you ordered is 8bit and not 10bit like the Dell and like some of the others mentioned here so far, and it also does not support But only in Free Sync. The Dell supports both so this is a very big advantage for me.

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The truth is I also thought to consider one of these or go for it 144HZ ..

Don't you think 240hz will bring more space in the future?

Are there really any stock issues with them in the country?


Just the part about me It seems to me that the Dell is not really outstanding .. since it is an HDR400 ..

I also saw that a new Predator screen was recently released at 1440P.


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Quote of zone glide

The truth is I also thought to consider one of these or go for it 4k 144HZ ..

The only consideration that keeps me from going on Is that I will then have to pay dearly for hardware that will be strong enough so that I can exhaust the screen and enjoy the high refresh rate. Besides that I have been for a good few years with 27 inches 1440P and I do not lack sharpness. I prefer to get more frames.


Quote of zone glide

Don't you think 240hz will bring more space in the future?

Audio I've never played at 240Hz, but it seems to me very much that above 144 it is already unimportant. Above 144 Hz I do not believe I will notice any differences. 144 seems to me as smooth as reality. Just an unnecessary gimmick in my opinion.


Quote of zone glide

Just the part about me HDR It seems to me that Dell is not really outstanding ..

True, but this is how all IPS monitors in the category in question. If you want performance Good you should consider VA ..

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As for the M127Q, I realized that officially it really does not support , But yes there is support as soon as you activate this option, I read about it somewhere


By the way, the gigabyte and the flag cost the same, about NIS 2000.

Another advantage of the Dell is that it comes with DP 1.4.


Undecided ..

Edited By KF
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Quote of --- The King ---

It's more expensive than the Dell, without free-sync support, only a 1.2 1.4 connection (and not 300 as a Buck), lower brightness than the Dell (400 vs. XNUMX) and I have not found quality reviews on it enough to know what its actual performance level is.

Take a look at Hardware Unboxed and have a review.

And do not think that the shortcomings you have listed are really shortcomings.

Cost 2,100 NIS in KSP.

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