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Question / Help about assembling a fan in the chassis


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I have assembled in a package 2 fans down Arctic P12 PWM PST and I want to assemble another one in the middle but this cable interferes with:



I grabbed the wires of the cables down in the case with a handcuff that would not touch the fans, but in the middle it is impossible to assemble because the cable itself is interfering, not its wire 

What can I do?


My specification if that will help :

LIAN-LI Full Tower Case -O11 Dynamic Black
ZOTAC Gaming 3080 AMP Holo 10G
Corsair 16GB (8Gx2) 3200
AMD 3rd Gen 7 3800X
Corsair RM650 650W 80 + Gold Fully Modular
Gigabyte Gaming X
2560x1440, "27 Odyssey G5

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What's bothering you? That cable that connects there to the end of the motherboard? Let's understand what this cable is all about. It looks like some kind of front connector cable and from what I see in your motherboard's booklet, the only thing it could be is F_AUDIO which is the connection of the audio inputs in your front panel. Do you use them at all? If not then unplug the cable and hello on .

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This cable prevents the fan from entering, do I have to push the fan by force? 

I use headphones that are attached to the front panel

I also use the up ahead

Now I checked and this cable connects to f usb30 1, what does that mean?

Maybe I can connect it somewhere else, maybe on f usb30 2?

Do not be surprised by the questions, I'm just a little stupid who does not understand great in computers

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  • I21I21 changed the title to Question / Help about assembling a fan in the chassis

I connected to f usb30 2 and still the cable prevents the fan from entering

I wonder if it happened to anyone?

If not then left it's not terrible at all, my temperatures are excellent, less than one fan it's not terrible, it's just weird that in this case you can put 3 fans down and I can not put the middle.

You will see in the picture that the cable itself touches the fan :20201223_134420.thumb.jpg.85708b63d09027dfce5036e90148b875.jpg


It looks like the board is plugged in too low

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First of all try to bend the cable a bit so that it is less interfering. Fear not - these USB 3 cables do not disconnect even if you really, really want to, from experience.

Does the cable touch the blades of the fan or just this plastic? If it's just plastic it's fine.

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Quote of none77

You can sand or cut some of the plastic of the fan.

Also a good idea, I will really think about it 

My only concern now is that the cable / pins will be destroyed that it bends a bit upwards as you can see in the last picture 

I hope it will be ok like this, I really do not want to ruin any connection in my motherboard, just want to play and enjoy the amazing temperatures I have with the fans in the case

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Instead of starting a discussion on one question you will answer me right away I will ask here

I want to ask you about temperatures while playing and know once and for all

What are the normal and maximum temperatures during play? 

I have the processor 75 degrees maximum and the video card 74 degrees maximum, I checked with MSI Afterburner

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Excellent temperature.

As for the processor, Raisen Master will operate and you will see that the maximum temperature of the processor is 95, as soon as you reach it the processor will lower the frequency and / or voltage. As long as the processor below from the manufacturer's point is normal, another temperature that can slow down the processor is the VRM temperature, you will see if your board monitors it, the aspiration is not to be regularly in the 95 degree range, you are completely in a good area. The maximum temperature of the card processor is 93 degrees, here too the same story, VRM can also slow down, you are at a good temperature, the lifespan of the capacitors is affected by the temperature, but the capacitors that are put on today is not a factor that affects in practice.

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There is no law, it depends on the components. Specifically regarding the CPU, you have Raisen which means temperature Max While playing can be much higher than the average temperature (these processors work with a very aggressive boost algorithm). 75 max is fine, the question is what the temperature is 99% of the time in the game. I for example have a Reisen 3600, the maximum reported sometimes reaches 73-74 but the vast majority of the time is about 55-65 like that. Of course it's only 3600, your 3800 X is much hotter and that's normal. You have Stock so that in fact even if you are over 70 most of the time it is fine.


74 approx. Screen also just fine. In general, when you start to cross the 80 in games (with more difficult tasks for the processor, it is quite normal to cross the 80 on it, probably with Stock) This is a bit of a warning light but even this is still a safe temperature. And in any case nothing will happen to your components under any circumstances if that is what worries you, at most you lose some performance.

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And speaking specifically about my new video card

ZOTAC Gaming 3080 AMP Holo 10G

What about his temperatures? + The maximum?

Just to know if there is a difference between it and my previous gtx 1070

This 3080 is just huge in size and probably emits a lot of heat

I guess 74 max is a spin for him too?

I'm with His stock and I do not mess with oc

Ahh and while playing CPU most of the time at 60 and a bit degrees 

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