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Is it possible that the RX 6800XT is faster than the 3090?


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Our dear friend is a forum member lanzar (formerly a distant member of the site staff) and a veteran fighting fox with a ton of experience,

Last week he received one of the best 6800xt cards available, the asrock premium model: RX 6800 XT Taichi X 16G OC/


In the meantime he is still playing and learning the card has come up with something interesting:

The product allows to work at a stable 2740mhz speed. That's it In a dialing area of ​​about 20% above the frequency of these cards by default.

*Do not need Special, and not a change in core voltage (which is locked by the way).


What's nice is that the performance improves in the various game titles between 15-20% in the measurements he performed, which makes them

Better (in a significant number of cases) than the traditional 3090 Brandor rasterization cards.


Performance is also noticeable, getting improved when working using Risen 5000 and not using processors Like 10900K / 10850K.

It turns out that the processor, its platform and its various buses have an indirect effect that contributes to the overall performance of the FPS

And below you will see an example.


Also found in measurements Not allowed perform For VRAM memory, and if you go above the default 2000mhz, a deterioration actually begins

Performance and not improvement. Maximum speed of VRAM for 2150 instead of 2000 reduces performance by 10% (important to note).


The explanation for this is simple:

The CPU does not render in front of the VRAM in this generation (as we explained in the forum last month) but in front of the cache,

Therefore, there is no point in speeding up VRAM in this aspect. The memory in front of which one is working is actually locked to the working frequency of the core.


What yes

When the VRAM rises above the speed at which it works properly = 16Git per pin, the errors start to pile up

And the error correction mechanism that protorol Using retransmits slows down the overall work.



It is recommended to purchase one of the custom cards such as the Taichi, or the 319 (and say that the red devil is also excellent)

And run them at 2700-2750mhz And without inadvertently raising the working frequency of VRAM, Something that online reviewers all missed

Strangely and surprisingly so after the conversion they deducted 10% from the performance and presented an incorrect image.


As a reference to the improvement received,

Where the 3090 provided only 115FPS at Benzmark that Lior showed us borderlands, the rx6800 xt at 2740 provides 135FPS!

Of course there is a difference in the processor as well, with lanzar working on the top in the field 5900x, at Lior demonstrated with i9-10850k.


I asked our friend lanzar not only to share with me personally with the materials and photographs, but to provide the raw materials for our Lior,

That he could in turn compile them neatly and bring an update on the article he did. For these are findings which shed a very important light on the subject

And enable our community, not only to be better equipped, but also to properly configure the product and not make mistakes.

The canopy here may be significant and crucial, including also working at a frequency of 2700mhz, but also No perform To VRAM which is regressive to performance.


This is a preliminary promo that we share with you that you will be in the picture. 


Here is lanzar's measurement from yesterday:



Here lanzar points out to me the gaps between it and rtx3090 and 6900xt running on an inferior processor 10850K and without To 2.7Ghz:



And this is the original raw material for reference - obtained improved from 107 in stock to 135FPS quickly to 2.7Ghz



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  • nec_000 changed the title to RX 6800XT faster (as it seems) than 3090

PS The card is like the one with a sample lanzar Taichi can be purchased for around 3800 NIS, making it available from time to time

B- (For a few minutes until it disappears again : )) And it's the price of everything including everything, with home delivery.

Note that this is a card whose MSRP is $ 750 (not $ 650 of the reference). 6800xt&cm_re=asrock_6800xt-_-14-930-050-_-Product&quicklink=true



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6800XT performance accelerated to 2.7Ghz, combined with Risen 5900x also accelerated in turn to 4.8Ghz all ,

Optimized for 2000mhz infinity fabric and in a 1: 1 ratio to the RAM that works on -4000mhz,


These provide us with insight, as well as new records in the industry's most advanced graphics engine - id tech,

Running the title doom eternal, with about 500FPS for both!   


** Rendering around 2 milliseconds for both CPU and GPU layers in the built-in monitoring - see left column in the photo:



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And here, except for one game (and in...) The 3090 and 3080 show good performance from the 6800 XT. When no one is in a hurry.

Under OC, I have no idea what will happen but a few things:

1. How much noise does the card make when it is rushed to such a speed?

2. borderlands is one of the games that Chose to present at their launch. I wonder why...

3. What about RT?

4. Much more significantly, what about DLSS? In supported games the performance is simply not at the same level.

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Addressing your questions caveman,


Soon lanzar will cost us some materials and answer your questions. This card is one of the quietest there is of what he has described

To your question in section 1. Also it is not necessary to perform fan speed to get this working frequency and it is possible to stay in default.

Also it is not possible to control the operating voltage of the core = voltage and these are locked. ** Maybe in the future they will open them.


The model of Huge taichi, weighing 1.75 km, one of the fibers there.

The XFX319 weighs 1.85 kg. The heat sink and their size are 34.5 cm long!

These make the volume / thermal heat exchange area in these cards with the environment, as such that does not require an increase in RPM

The fans. That is why the network recommends these models in a hurry. Women notice that there is no increase in voltage nor is it possible.


Also measurements from the net, note the caveman, it turns out, all come without exception from those who mistakenly do not understand,

Fast too And reduce 10% of performance! Too bad it distorts the subject for us. As well as most of them checking on intels

So that, too, detracts.


We learned that RDNA2 needs to work with Risen 5000 processors. Since we have noticed that these improve RDNA2 performance. Processors

Intel does not allow in their hands (as it seems), to bring the full potential to the arena. There are inhibitions outside the card (the gifts

His to the processor / bus of the platform) and a pity. So from now on we only have to check on the Risen 5000 as standard, all the tickets

of course. 

lanzar is trying to organize an experiment in which the platform of At the same time, to see as a comparison, how much performance it detracts from us in business

this. I assume with reasonable logic that too Will absorb a reduction in performance because of Intel, not just RDNA2, and therefore important

This thorough examination.



You have the caveman, there is a Risen 5950X optimized as well, and a card 3090. We will ask for your help where, you can  

Measurements for reference purposes, since lanzar does not have 3090. Here help from you will come very welcome  🙏

At the moment we want you to measure the 3090 in borderlands on the 5950X.

Let's see how much he gets over what Lior managed to extract on 10850k.


Edited By nec_000
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For the benefit of the community and friends and as much as possible,

Indicate which game titles you would like our member lanzar to test performance on. For at the moment I have brought in his name, in great summary of course,

Just the borderland, plus a sneak peek at a typical FPS on eternal. That is, if there are game titles that you are an individual

Interested in him checking them out and providing us with findings, upload in the thread. What he can get from these titles, he will install with him

And will run a benz to our impression. 



Edited By nec_000
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Friends asked in private, then publicly replies that everyone will enjoy the information:

The second card corresponding to Mentioned is this monster of 319. Price 3700 NIS - all inclusive price

Everything with home delivery from , Which can be ordered when it flashes once in a while for a few moments

Individuals until he disappears again: 6800xt&cm_re=xfx_6800xt-_-14-150-844-_-Product&quicklink=true


** MSRP is also $ 750 and not $ 650



Edited By nec_000
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Quote of the captaincaveman

Since I do not have the HZD or BL3 I can not help.

I have the Control, COD, TWWH2


We will try to get lanzar to achieve what you have, measure, so that we have a comparative reference between the models.

But in the meantime you can already go ahead, measure the 3dfirestrike the timespy and the superposition - all Elul are free.

A direct comparison was made to With whom we see what is seen.

** Lucky to have two friends with a rare Risen 5000 platform nowadays, and two even rarer cards that need to be compared 🙏

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This is the third recommended monster after the first two we introduced. red devil: devil 6800xt&cm_re=red_devil 6800xt-_-14-131-767-_-Product&quicklink=true


Price 3350 NIS from Including delivery to the house, that is, if it is possible to buy at all. Very very difficult but once in ... you can catch.


*** Please note that all the custom cards mentioned are non-standard size cards, ie 3 slots wide, height deviation (in some cases),

And a length that exceeds 34 cm (for some). This means that you do not enter a standard case and must make sure in advance that the case matches.





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Hi friends, as our friend NEC wrote, I received 6800XT from Asrok, only a small repair, this is a PHANTOM drum and not a TAICHI, it is the same PCB, 3X8 pin power connectors, same dimensions and the same weight, the difference is visual + 50MHZ per core at the TAICHI.

I want to sharpen what Amir wrote about the performance drop after memory speed, it depends on the title being tested, and in some areas of the title, in any case memory overclocking did not improve performance in any case, the drop was 1.5 percent to 10 percent. Of course I'll go up Which prove the claim below.


In any case, there are a lot of reviews on the net that overclocking to the 6800 series hardly improves performance, or a few percent. Something I really disagree with from tests I did the card is able to improve from 15 to 20 and what percentage from 6800XT mode Reference to mode Full (2700MHz area)

I got the games you want me to check. I will happily run around, if there is anyone who can come up with results of 3080/3090 in those titles it will be interesting.


I of course am not convinced or even still say right now that 6800XT is accelerated faster than 3090 stock / accelerated, but I think given the percentage improvement after He should be somewhere he is ...

Edited By Lanzar
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  • nec_000 changed the title to The RX 6800XT may be faster (as it seems) than the 3090

Anyone who asked how much noise the card produces at this working frequency of 2700MHZ-2750MHZ, no need to increase the speed of the fans, the card does it alone and stops at reasonable temperatures. But personally, I always like when a card is overclocked to give a fan profile a little tougher, even so while playing the noise from the card fans is the last thing that bothers;)

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Examine the possibility of allowing / telling / explaining to the caveman how he can get the missing titles you have,

Even without money, If only so that he could examine them for measurement purposes only. ** Send him a message and you will talk about it in private.


Right now you two can start with synthetic benz measurements of 3dfirestrike, timespy, superposition.

Be sure to write down the exact parameters of the run, so that you define exactly in front of each other the same thing, which is not wrong here.


Also write down the CPU and GPU settings before running, which will show what the platform is calibrated on.

Although I registered earlier but most sure you will upload a screenshot from cpuz and from settings in the driver of himself.

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  • nec_000 changed the title to Is it possible that the RX 6800XT is faster than the 3090?

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