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Is it possible that the RX 6800XT is faster than the 3090?


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Quote of KF

Thanks for the updates ..


Here's something from yesterday,




See that the platform with which he performs the test 10900 of Limits the cards and does not let them flourish. Especially the RDNA2.

Especially in 1080P but also in 1440P. Another interesting and not surprising thing is that once it switches to a more efficient Linux operating system,

The business is starting to break free. Which only shows us the inefficiency / inefficiency of the operating system , And that too does not renew us anything for the truth.


I liked that it gives a close-up look and high photo quality on the product, which allows us to get a good impression of the size.

And the technical quality of the card. Overall did a beautiful job that complements and aids in the respectable work he did for us lanzar.

Further provided an impression of the noise level and explained that when it is inside the case, you hear nothing. Ie silent product in terms

Practical. Which is the modern trend of tickets in recent years by the way, and not something out of the ordinary.

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It is very difficult to get the Teichi, I also want to order it, at the moment it is not available anywhere.

Also through Bot, I have not seen a warning about it recently .. Bassa.

Should be with hand on pulse.


* I saw someone from Japan who recorded that his Teichi stands at 2800 stable on Air.

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Quote of KF

It is very difficult to get the Teichi, I also want to order it, at the moment it is not available anywhere.

Also through Bot, I have not seen a warning about it recently .. Bassa.

Should be with hand on pulse.


* I saw someone from Japan who recorded that his Teichi stands at 2800 stable on Cooling Air.


You can definitely believe it. In the lanzar the second (better) phantom scratches 2800 from below. We saw about 2760-2770.

So if the taichi is a bit better than it (hypothesis only as of this moment) then it can be assumed that it squeezes out the last 2 percent.

As soon as custom-made bios for this product are released, which release the 320w detector, I estimate it will open up some more possible juice here

Will milk from it.

Since the card has a dual BIOS, the fear of being trampled on by an external BIOS drops off the table. Max BIOS not suitable?

Rather, turn on the card from the second BIOS and override the damaged one once again.

Edited By nec_000
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Further to the issue of the possibility of differences in the picture observed between For the video and the need to investigate the issue, a procedure that will take time

Undoubtedly, I have managed to collect the following material in the meantime:

That the image sharpening that Introduced as part of the image enhancement package it introduced in the driver

Last year, along with the launch of RDNA1 known as 5700xt, then also Nodia has already managed to complete its driver and has the

The equivalent. Maybe even the same. Here is a first overview of the issue in unboxed hardware.

Just note that since the review came out before DLSS2 then one should take accordingly the reviewer's remarks, which are a bit old in terms of

Today. Second, in updating the reviewer's remarks, too Has already updated the driver and is now working on both DX11 and cards

More and not only , And it is also possible to calibrate it per game basis. That is, each of the manufacturers learns from the other and copies

What is good in the other and beautiful is this:



Here is a demo that someone did with the function activated and configured aggressively to the maximum power, so we can get an impression of what it is

Makes easier. The truth is, definitely interesting and worth checking out:


And here is a demo with and without a picture next to a picture:


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This is not exactly true, the Teichi and the Phantom are the same card, as soon as someone says their card is stable at 2800mhz, it means that the slider is maximum at 2800, and this requires the minimum slider to be up to 2700, 100mhz less. Which gives something from 2700 to 2800, depending on the load / electrical limitation. 


If you also look at tpu. What is determined by the running frequency does not remain constant. The average is 2750 - 2770. If the card is more capable? It is impossible to know. There are 2 limits currently that need to be resolved to test this, lowering the limit to 2800mhz in the driver, and lowering or raising the limit of 300-320 watts. If both are removed I believe some of the cards will do over 2.8ghz. By the way, the limit at 6900 xt is 3000mhz. But there are not enough third-party cards to know if they manage to stabilize at such a frequency.

Edited By Lanzar
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For this lanzar we need two things:


1. The first is that you will already get some 6900xt model that is very difficult to grasp as we noticed, and then we will be smarter in terms of frequencies

Which it is able to perform at a higher ceiling light = 3000mhz instead of just 2800. And how hard to grasp forum members need to understand:

Unfortunately, even the 6900xt red devil you ordered for some reason canceled my order at newegg and fucked us to the end

as they say. Now we have to wait for it to be back in stock and you will know if they will not do this exercise for us again?


2. The second is the one that converges to a customized Bios experiment on all its risks. The taichi card we saw contains two bios and therefore the game

Of burning one of them does not endanger the card, because if it turns out to be damaged, it is possible to move the card from the other bios that is still 

Works and overrides the second BIOS once more.

The problem with phantom cards is that they do not have dual , And then the danger of trampling the lone bios using McCustom, is that if

It's damaged, God forbid, the card went in the trash, and that's it Chess here that are placed on the spoon. a little scary. 

I therefore recommend that you try to grab one taichi card, and the bios experiments from Custom will be conducted on it. So as not to take the risk of demolition

Such a card is expensive.


One way or another, there is no doubt that the new generation of cards launched in the last quarter (Empir and RDNA2), has opened an entirely new benchmark of

Performance and brought the resolution For the first time, be the resolution that is practical and real to the consumer. The generations before that were presumed to be

להיות , Whoever remembers, claimed 1080ti and then claimed 2080ti, but it turned out in practice a ball that is only suitable for 1440P if

Want a reasonable FPS rate. This upgrade that brings with it the new generation and is a practical ability to run beautifully on , Is what will lead to change

A trend in the screen market, with 4K screens starting to sell in solid quantities and increasing the penetration share of this resolution in the market,

Which has not happened until now.

Edited By nec_000
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Meanwhile, there is a trend of rising prices in For tickets.

For example, the Teich, which sold for about NIS 3780, rose to NIS 4220. (The same goes for the phantom that went up)

Not to mention that there is no stock available.


This morning the 6900 XT from the Phantom series was available for a few hours at a price of 5384 NIS, but it also sold out.

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There's a new president in the White House soon,

Hopefully he will make a rollback to some of these unwise decisions of Trump from the consumer angle, and then the caps will be removed.


One way or another we are in a difficult period in my estimation and as long as mining continues to rise, The new generation will be a rare and very expensive commodity.

When the mining boom is over, there is a flood of tickets on the used market and we will celebrate.


We have to wait for the rain ....

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