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Is it possible that the RX 6800XT is faster than the 3090?


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In short, it is not profitable to buy a 2021 generation graphics card ... not at these prices ...

They will be taken by the mining farms and the consumer will wait for the next collapse ...

Can't remember how long it took in the previous round, but half a year from my quick memory is probably the order of magnitude?


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Hi friends, we stopped a bit in the matter of the benchmarks, I have had a lot of load in the last few days, anyway, there is a 6900XT on the way to me, and 3080, we will finish the tests and lock them ... 


We are interested to see what the potential is in each core, what can be squeezed out of AMD's cores versus In net performance ...

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Quote of KF

Waiting for impressions .. I'm mostly interested in where you can get with the Phantom 6900XT.


5 minutes ago lanzar reported that the Phantom 6900 entered Israel in the tracking of packages. That means it will reach him in the very next few days.




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Meanwhile lanzar is preparing the platform for replacing the 6800xt card with the 3080 card. It currently has a large amount of cards

3080 is her name, and we are debating which one to choose (trouble of the "rich" ....) 🙃


There is Asus and there is , Do not know who will do Best. Since even so, the gaps between them will have no more effect

From 0.5-1.0% here or there (after OC), who gets to a drop a bit higher than the other, I told him to do Ann Dan Dino and take what

Coming out by hand. It really does not matter to understand the magnitude of the performance, that it will conjure up what we are trying to extract.


We'll run all the benches we ran the first 6800xt on Yes, even though the second 6800xt was a bit faster than it

In OC (we did not sample his findings in the thread), since in the sanity test we did, we saw that it does not really matter. For example about us in

borderland from 137 to 138FPS. In short a negligible gap. So left with the first 6800xt measurements and that's what we represented

RDNA2 in the tester before us. There is also a limit to how much you can burn on it any longer. 


Stay tuned there is a lot of work to be done for the lanzar and I hope we can bring here findings at a satisfactory pace.


What is:

We are very interested in whether we will find that the lanzar platform is the main thing that improves, ie we will get better results with

3080 than the measurements we saw on the net (at Lior and at tpu). Or, that it's not just the Risen 5000 platform at lanzar,

But the 6800xt video card is responsible for the big improvement. That is what we will learn today. 


We will know soon. We have not had such tension for a long time ...

lanzar and I kind of bet among ourselves what will come out, and the truth is we have no green idea.

Interesting and happy for sure will be : xyxthumbs:


In the meantime lanzar select, will take the The beauty, and here is the final of the champions:





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In the meantime OC tests for a maximum frequency site that the card passes and does not collapse, and on the face of it we seem to have found a good card 

In this aspect?


lanzar plays with after burner:





These are the settings we found stable (maybe?) And also the memory improves performance at this speed and does not hurt - we checked carefully that we did not make a mistake

In this aspect yes, very important:



Runlands' attempt to run, a typical frequency it carries at 2040mhz, an attempt to switch to mhz2050 leads to a crash:



Compared to TPU, we quickly achieved a nice result and it seems that this Iczemler definitely fits the theme and we will use it:





Edited By nec_000
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Moon Magician - Clear,

But because we have at hand a mountain of 3080 cards, and in the coming days more will come,

We decided that in terms of time management, at least 2 tickets were trying to check, just to take the best of them,

In order to reduce the sampling error. Let there be no situation where we fell on a Kaka sample. If we hurry fast enough

We are actually in the territory of 3090 already and this is something we also wanted to check out after all (in the absence of a 3090 ticket available).


Nor does it bother us that in the 6800xt we did not make two cards, and we will be content with the measurements of the less good card we received,

The first of the two, it satisfies us. The few more gears the second (better) card made mostly improved a 1FPS roof

So not critical in our eyes. We did a sanity test and realized it was minor, we saw about half a percent improvement in order of magnitude, and it is satisfying to understand

That the sizes we measured in the first card are valid.



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