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Is it possible that the RX 6800XT is faster than the 3090?


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As it seems, this asus is probably a bad beast in OC and we found a quality specimen.

If there are no last-minute surprises, these are the rushing performances we were able to extract from it, impressive on any scale of tickets in this line of empire

And we have already done homework on this series, this is a great result:





We are actually fast GDDR6x at 21Gbit / per pin / per sec compared to the 19 defaulters

And see improved performance - so leave it. This memory carries around nicely and does not lead to performance degradation due to errors

But improves.


And here are titles that it goes through 2100mhz, we caught a picture at 2115 and also saw 2130 on the screen and it is not the card course,

golden sample We found:



Here we now caught it at 2130:





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Recall that all the results that will come up are on the same computer that we ran the 6800XT, and of course this is not a competition, or hurting anyone God forbid, we have no preference for one manufacturer or another. We're just interested in knowing which card is faster after In both camps ...

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We have the measurements . Since there is no point in flooding the page with a ton of screenshots, and after that once again the tables

A reference to the reference, and especially not after we did it right now here in the previous post, so this time we will make it short

And my purpose: First, we compressed all the screenshots with the measurements into a zip file that we attached below. And soothes anyone who is interested,

He would download and open his computer and peek.


What will be done here will be a short text, showing in each of the eight titles, what was the result of the 3080

Ours compared to 6800xt, and what is the percentage difference. 



Our 3080 makes 87.8FPS 

Compared to 6800xt did 87.1FPS
The gap is too small within the sampling error so there is no decision as to what is significantly better.



Our 3080 makes 79FPS

Compared to 6800xt made 81FPS

Means 6800xt 2.5% faster


red deathd redemption

Our 3080 does 71.6FPS

Compared to 6800xt made 73.8FPS

Means 6800xt 3% faster



Our 3080 makes 82.38FPS

Compared to 6800xt made 98FPS

Means 6800xt 18.9% faster


assassin's creedodyssey

Our 3080 does 65FPS

Compared to 6800xt made 77FPS

Means 6800xt 18.4% faster



Our 3080 does 63.87FPS

Compared to 6800xt made 72FPS

Means 6800xt 12.7% faster



Our 3080 makes 72.41FPS
Compared to 6800xt did 70FPS. 

Meaning 3080 is 3.4% faster



Our 3080 makes 95FPS

Compared to 6800xt made 101FPS

Means 6800xt 6.3% faster

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Slightly optimistic news? 🤔

It is possible that this toy will come to us for the benefit of the measurements. We'll keep our fingers crossed - this is a lanzar connector and we're working on it.

Not sure he's ready for it, it's new and the friend is in the excitement phase right now.




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