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Is it possible that the RX 6800XT is faster than the 3090?


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I will leave it to lanzar to detail the answer to your caveman question.

For now what we know is that the fans in this card model, phantom on default, allow the conversion in question and is not necessary

Change nothing. You can make a more aggressive fan profile if you want to lower the temperature and spare the core. lanzar will detail below and give numbers.

I personally would not touch it, because for me silence and silence are more important. lanzar likes more to achieve low temps to keep the core therefore

Prefers a tougher fan profile, and the increase in noise level (very small in itself) does not interest him when there is On the head or speakers

Play the game scenario. The truth is I definitely understand him and the logic in his approach. I'm probably too lazy to change profile.

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Also lanzar will demonstrate us running at a working frequency of reference model, 2150mhz, we will see what the performance is, and then rushed to 2.7ghz.

Together we can be impressed by how much this improves performance. The results we have already seen he and I speak for themselves in a way that there is no doubt about.

Moreover, we can see what percentage improved in working frequency, led to how much improved in percentage measurement result.


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Definitely Yoav,

If we find that the gap between the reference version in this case, which hardly allows OC to be performed, whether because of a lousy core, Inadequate, input circuit

Poor electric, ceiling block (current limiter) that is too low config, or the demon knows what ... whatever the reason,

Compared to a custom version that has been tested online in many sources and found to be one of the best, which brings us an improvement from size 15 (up to 20%),

And that for only $ 100 extra to the price ($ 750 instead of 650), then the deliberation here (in my humble opinion) is over.

I should add another $ 100 and get a quality product that does a good job, and it delivers performance at the top low at the current point in time.

At the moment it is on the order of 3700-3800 NIS when ordering from . Once a week (approximately) lanzar receives an instant message to his mobile

That went into stock of tickets from the models he follows. If within 60 seconds is enough to get in and press the time, he succeeds.

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This is exactly what bothers me :


As stated here, without OC memory the result should have been about 163 and not 153 (FPS).


I trust them with my eyes closed that such a card that all screams OC, will do a better quality test. It probably did not happen.

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Exactly Yoav 👍


This is what we noticed.

I did not just mention that the work of lanzar is at a very high and thorough level. He does not leave anything until it goes to the root of the matter

And his experience plays a significant role here in measurements and performance tests. In addition to his entire work environment ie the platform

Testing is optimized at the highest quality level available, in my opinion better than the average accepted by surveyors.


Anyway not before snatching a flip-flop from her wife for evacuating TVs from place to place and apparently tonight he will sleep with

The bitch in the kennel because of this, we got a peek at In the title assassin's creed odyssey. Finally.


Reminder that at 1440P we got 95FPS, and now at Get 77FPS.


It was at 1440P



This is what came out in 4K



And this is the reference to the reference:

Let us note that in 1440P we increased from 84.5 to 95FPS (12.5% ​​improvement)

At Up from 65.7 to 77FPS (17.2% improvement)

This means that the processor here hurts us a bit at 1440P because in The performance improvement is broader and aligns more correctly with the increase

At the working frequency of the card. Needless to say, even in 4K, the gap that opens up in front of the 3090 card is clear and well demonstrated


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It seems that the celebration is not over, and lucky that the caveman (in his wisdom) convinced us and the thanks are of course to him, to start checking in .

If so we went back to check the title red dead redemption, this time on .


Reminder that this is what came out last night at 1440P



This is what comes out in 4K



And this is the reference for reference:

It can be seen that the improvement obtained in 1440P is an increase from 97.6 to 116FPS (improvement of 18.8%)

While the improvement obtained in Is up from 60.3 to 73.8FPS (22.4% improvement)




There is a trend that the percentage improvement in performance in Higher than that obtained at 1440P, which is a shattering new insight

Our preliminary assessment that the improvement will be similar. In fact the improvement is greater and the gap that opens widens as the resolution increases.

The inevitable explanation for this is that the processor / platform probably inhibits and interferes with the system at 1440P to maximize its potential,

So a heavier load is required on the graphics accelerator in order to maximize its full potential.




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And meanwhile in the UK there are no preorders, no inventory, no for Novia and even more not for AMD, maybe 15 tickets a week land here at best, prices are unrelated to reality and all this argument is theoretical as long as you compare an orange at $ 200 to an apple at 150 which actually costs 300 when the partnership is not even willing to declare Official prices because in the meantime they can take $ 200 more.


Although I managed to order 3080, I do not see it appear before February when I am still about 70 in line. I feel lucky that even 2070 I have a super and that anyone who told people that it would be better to wait, maybe it would have been better to take into account that in 2020 to wait means to wait for 2022. Lucky that 2020 is over. 

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To Dr. Shawarma,

You are definitely pointing out a pain that we all in the community share. This is the situation and it is shit. We hope if we do not really pray,

Starting March 21 with the arrival of Passover, the balance between demand and supply on video cards will improve. Provided the atrium miners will not drink the

The tickets to their farm Yes, which is another new problem that has hit the community lately with this surge in the value of cryptocurrencies,

Who drink mostly all 3000 Series cards in the current generation. 

In the meantime and provided you're still working like me on 1080P resolution, you can definitely settle for products from the 2070 caliber you have and the 1080ti I have.

At 1080P these cards are strong enough and do not encounter any difficulties in providing a fast execution rate. So wait another quarter - I believe it's okay.

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Right now at this second there is 6800xt Nitro in stock at At an excellent price = 3570 NIS.

Believes that in a few minutes it will be over:


** These cards are not clear if they are equally good overclockers - for your attention.


Photographer you will see, because in a few minutes it will be sold out:


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