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Is it possible that the RX 6800XT is faster than the 3090?


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Meanwhile sharing that for a brief moment was in stock Red devil 6900xt, so lanzar had enough fast and ordered. Expected arrival 10-14 days.

The price he managed to grab was 4700 NIS all inclusive.

When he gets it, he will also perform work frequency measurements, and compare performance against the 6800xt he has.

I expect a minor improvement of up to 5%, which really does not justify the another 1000 it costs. 

On the other hand, he is more optimistic, looking even 8-10%. We will live and look as they say.



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Ask me in private but I will reply that everyone will see, if already sitting down to formulate an answer:

The question was, nec how the bandwidth Of RDNA2 comes out, in the current architecture that Brandor uses in front of the cache

And no more in front of VRAM.


I first suggested that the reader read the article I prepared in November on this topic and posted it on our forum so that he would understand the background of how the topic works

And how computers. But with particular reference to the performance that lanzar demonstrates to us at a working frequency of 2.7Ghz - the calculation is:

2700mhz dual 4096bit divided by 8 = 1382Mbyte / sec or in summary 1.38GigaByte / sec


In direct comparison to bandwidth Empir's VRAM like the one embedded in 3090, has:

 19.5Gbit per pin per clock Double 384bit divided by 8 = 936Mbyte / sec

This is a difference of one and a half times the order of magnitude between the products mentioned.



Although RDNA2 also has the separate bandwidth of VRAM, which is also the same Presents in its presentation "as the total bandwidth of the product",

That is 16Gbit per pin per clock double 256bit divided by 8 = 512Mbyte / sec,

However, this bandwidth does not participate in the rendering work itself and its main purpose is to cache the textures in each reading.

Such by him. That is, it is the bank information that gives the cache texture every time it seeks to replace the current one sitting in it (because they have finished working with the previous one).


Therefore the effect of VRAM bandwidth in RDNA2 architecture is relatively small on the end result and not surprisingly

We do not detect any real improvement or actual impairment in the speed / reduction of VRAM running frequency in measurements. 


** We do see a decrease in performance when the VRAM speed exceeds the 2100mhz threshold, which in turn leads to errors and therefore

For retransmit events (GDDR6 topology error correction protocol).


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Which one of them ?

The one that costs $ 1500 MSRP, which will probably cost more to actually target $ 2000?

Or the one that costs $ 700 MSRP, that costs more to actually target $ 900 and has | choking for a moment. Only 10GB


The lack of 10GB we will feel very fast, so we will prefer to take a version of 16GB, which we will have quiet for the next 3 years.

That's why take 6800xt over 3080.


And the version of 3090 we definitely want, it has 24GB everything is fine with it, but the price | chokes again for a short background - probably

What dirt got in my wallet | ....

Because buying it today is something like 8-10K NIS .... ouch it is an understatement.

On the other hand the 6800xt is parked in the 3200-3800 area depending on the version. It's less than half the money.

If there was a similar rise, well ... the claim / that the caveman's question was in place, but he does not rise the same, he rises more

Actual multiplication. So the answer is clear to the consumer.


NVIDIA needs to fix this problem and it will do so using the 3080ti, which is different from what we understood is the same as the 3090 in the specification,

And on the other hand with "only" 20GB , Which finally addresses the 10GB dumb thing they did (whether intentionally or unintentionally) in the standard 3080 version.


I understand at the end of January 3080ti will be launched and this problem will be behind us ... not afraid. It's just beyond the round.

Then we will see what its price will be, and what its availability will be. By this we can do rethinking whether RDNA2 or .


* Currently as explained 3080 no go because of memory, 3090 no go because of price.

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I do not know the answer buck, need to ask the lanzar. At the same time I understand it does not have a screen At 120hz and therefore also in doubt

If he knew how to answer with certainty. And if this is the case you will be required to do research online (not easy) and understand the subject ....

There's a limit to how much we can answer everything ... we try, but we'm not Superman 🤷️️

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good news,

lanzar reports that in recent days there has been a significant increase in the availability of tickets at new egg, the rate of receiving messages about

Availability of models in stock increases day by day. If there has ever been a wait of a week or more and the card disappears after 120 seconds out of stock,

Now it is at the level of every two days again there is stock and it is available for 5-10 minutes at least, until it is gone again.

Which leaves enough time to place an order. This is encouraging news ... it may not be necessary to wait until March (for Passover) to grab a ticket 

Reasonably priced, and we are probably entering this period as early as this coming January. Even the prices as we see them are not inflated

In particular, MSRP $ 750 cards after transportation and VAT end up in the country at a price of 5 shekels per dollar, which is equivalent to what was accepted

Purchase when buying at a local store in the country. Beautiful.

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More interesting news,

A new version of Aegesa has arrived today For Risen motherboards, lanzar has updated immediately and already sees an improvement of some more bugs,

It's just every few days lately that they release new versions of BIOS that fix issues. We always explained in the forum that technology is new

On the day of her birth she will have childhood ailments and lots of repairs until a quarter (or two) passes until she settles down. Here we see it come true

In front of our eyes frequently.


This Risen 5000 that was branded as observed under the hands of lanzar last month, is going to stabilize and improve week by week so that all

Many strange things or did not work, suddenly after firmware updates start working.



After the Aegesa update there is another performance improvement that is mainly reflected in the 1440P where the CPU and motherboard are more relevant (as expected),

And may be required to re-measure everything. See if Lanzar has any power ... I'll press him to bother again for us.


In the meantime in borderland we also have a mountain of debt to you to measure it in (Which we did not do before) and also once again measured 1440P.

So we got to improve that this version brings, we went up from 135FPS reported yesterday on the first page, to 137FPS after the Aegesa update.


Here at 1440P fresh from today = 137FPS



And here in Exits 72FPS



And this as a reference reminder for reference:

So at 1440P we went up from 107 to 137 (28% improvement)

And b We went up from 62.8 to 72FPS (14.6% improvement) to our understanding we saw in the run that we reach a limit of 320W and therefore the improvement is smaller in percentage.

We are slowly learning to eat this animal and gaining understanding and experience thanks to the runs on it and through the background monitoring


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We had a debt to you in 4K titled Horizon zero dawn.

** No improvement in 1440P so no need to post again, 142FPS came out in a test from the day before yesterday (see beginning of threading)


As mentioned, he went to lanzar today on Value 81FPS:



And this is the reference to the reference:

At 1440P we went up from 122 to 142FPS (16.4% improvement)

And Up from 68.8 to 81FPS (17.7% improvement)


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Quote of Lanzar

בשביל 4k 120HZ needs one of the following two ports - HDMI 2.1 /  DisplayPort 1.3, and both are included in the new tickets.

It's that in the hardware of NVIDIA's HDMI there was a bug and it only supports up to 60, I wonder if also in the port of cards of . I'm pretty sure buying this ticket so I'll have to find time to do research .

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