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Is it possible that the RX 6800XT is faster than the 3090?


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Quote of the captaincaveman

The 4.8 speed for all cores probably degrades game performance. It is best to let the processor speed up a small number of cores to 5+.


Thanks for the feedback. We will transfer to lanzar to test and run Benz again ...

It is interesting...


In the meantime see the suite of things he has already measured, see what one you have and you can make a measurement

Corresponds to your 3090, and pass in a circular that we will receive a reference for reference. On a similar platform as yours = Risen 5000

This will help us a lot, in the absence of such a card, or even 3080, currently under his hand in the lab ...

* Trying to achieve

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Quote of DrShawarma

Radeon RX 6800 vs. GeForce RTX 3070, 40 Game Benchmark: 1080p, 1440p & 4K - YouTube


Since everyone loves the hammer on a box right now, I think the endless discussion between Steve and Steve at the end of the video more or less fits the different opinions in this thread even if the tickets are not the topic here. 



I saw the video earlier and thought of bringing us here, which we will see the various dilemmas he raises in the discussion about RT

DLSS and the like. He certainly presented the subject very nicely. You can see that he is trying to give more after the fiasco in front of Navidia

Thought and approach to the issue and explain to viewers in more depth the various considerations on the issue. I did not just vote for him in this video

Positive, along with many thousands of other good ones. He is currently one of the reviewers, if not the highest quality reviewer I know. By the way women

Note that he reported in this video that his testing platform has finally been converted to the Risen 5000. He is where one of the reviewers

The first to make this transition and it is so beautiful.


This is again a waste of That her PR unit is not working makes an impression at all. She was not educated to access any of the

The reviewers, demonstrate to him the performance advantage of the Risen 5000 over the Intel 10th generation in all sorts of scenarios, in order to coax the

The reviewer move to this platform, and even leave him one such system as a gift.


It's a win win situation. The cost of a system is negligible for And anyway she sent to most of the reviewers (if not all)

Such a system for day 1 review. And second, it would indirectly contribute to the awareness among the consumer audience, that here the reviewers pass

Risen 5000 systems because this is actually the most suitable platform today to perform serious reviews on it in order to lower bottlenecks. 


I can report to you that from the tests that lanzar is doing these days we learn that in fact the new generation RDNA2 cards

And Empire, manage under 1440P to reach the CPU / platform bottleneck in a significant number of cases, and only in Allow

Really be calm that the bottleneck of the system is removed from the table. This is a precedent, this is the first generation of graph accelerators we are

See that causes this problem to occur already at 1440P, which until that time had not happened to us and we saw only below 1080P. This problem

A lot happens under the Intel 10th generation, but it also happens (albeit less but does happen) in the Bryzen 5000.

Start and make the measurements in In order to take the CPU out of this equation the conclusion we now understand.

Edited By nec_000
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Ok friends,

This time and to make it a little more interesting (we are learning advanced and perfecting from attraction to attraction)

We decided to base our review on the 6900xt review from the techpowerup website. Also because it is possible to restore exactly the configuration

Where they ran, and also because they tested the improvement obtained under the Risen 5900X and enabled direct access to memory - which is exactly

What we also want to show. In fact they confirm our findings, so it's better and right to look like that.


So we moved on to the next title in the suite of titles that Lior provided, and that is the title hitman2.

For the lanzar under 1440P comes out 146FPS



And under Exits 98FPS



The following is a reference to the TPU work reference:

Under 1440P we see an improvement from 132.6 to 146.2FPS (10% improvement)

under We see an improvement and an increase from 83 to 98FPS (18% improvement)



In sum, we would like to point out something beautiful that TPU has finally done as well:

Gave a glimpse of what happens when you switch to the Risen 5900X processor instead of on their outdated 9900K platform

And enable direct access to memory = SAM. See how this clearly raises the performance of the 6900XT even before

Who played with the frequency or Somehow, that's one of the things we're talking about in this thread.

So this time we chose to show hitman in reference to their work - in order to illustrate the issue.

Edited By nec_000
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What AMD did with SAM is a huge mistake in my opinion. Works only on the Reisen 5000 platform, although it is a different name to the resizable BAR that should be available for all platforms (or for anything that supports DX12? Can't really remember). This is a direct hit on anyone who bought a Raisen 3000 and does not feel the need or alternatively can not replace, and just a spit in the face to those who own an Intel. Does it add performance? Yes, is there a reason it would be exclusive other than greed? No. And when Nodia will allow it on all platforms, what Will do? Suddenly they will open it to everyone? 

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Dr. Shawarma, do not despair so quickly.

From what I have been able to fetch across the network in the last two months, at first only Brisan 5000 allowed on 550/570 motherboards.

But the community got upset, and then they came out with an announcement that they might also open up with the 400 Series motherboards later with the BIOS updates.

Noydia claims that it is going to release an update that will allow all computers, which will probably lead to a fairly clear commitment

M- Allow even in all the risers. I believe / hope ... that in another year it will be open to everything. patience.

Competition does its thing, and the greed that was possible when there is no competition is no longer possible.

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Quote of KF

About Newegg - Are you sure that the price that appears on the right side of the screen (of the product page) is the final price including shipping and VAT?



I did not see if anyone answered you but the price does not include delivery determined by the cost of the product, so add another 200-300 shekels to a product like the 6800.

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Quote of Lanzar

Niag has free shipping (at least in the last few weeks I have followed) on every purchase over NIS 650.

Just not true, free shipping is a bonus on some products and there is even a category just for them.
And for that matter I bought two weeks ago two That both are over 2000 and for both I paid shipping.

Edited By Moon-Mage
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Quote of KF

Is there a way to stay up to date on the availability of stock of these tickets live / quick alert?

I am interested in buying one of the tickets recommended here and not succeeding.



Connect to telegram alert services. Go for it and you will find, including a link here in our forum

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Quote of nec_000

There is a possibility that each customer receives slightly different conditions in light of the scope of his activity.

I understand lanzar orders quantities, and accordingly wins (maybe?) Different conditions in the shipping cost section.

Or he just happened to order products on sale without noticing and in any case it is irrelevant to the one who asked.

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