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Nvme SSD assembly

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Did this happen to you in the same store?

Can you tell here / in detail what was and what closed at the end?

How long has your computer been with you?


On Sunday (and it will probably no longer be taken care of this week) I to the best of my recollection get to the point where it was with me for two weeks and then was not used for two weeks (it arrived yesterday and they asked not to run it).

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Prominent participants in the discussion

Prominent participants in the discussion

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This is exactly the part I mentioned and said you do not have. Remove a suitable screw from the bag and set the bracket in place.  

To open the screw use a Phillips 00 screwdriver - note that the end of the screwdriver must sit well inside the slots otherwise it will destroy the head of the screw. The board has only one NVME 2.0 expansion slot. The second expansion slot is for a wireless network card - M

There are two connections to the M2, one under the lid (it should be a heat spreader and not just a lid) and one where you marked in the picture. Have you tried looking at the user guide? Everything appears there.

Attached Images

My case was something else. No damage.
I paid to go through something and waited almost two months to get it. Each time I am spread with a different story.
In the end I canceled the order and bought from somewhere else.
I received the money from them only after I involved the credit company and threatened to sue them.
Only after my story, did I hear from other people that this is not something new. When it comes to compensating the customer or taking money out of the pocket back to the customer it is a story with them.

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I let them enjoy the supplier, I do not know them and this is the first time I buy from them.

On the other hand, I am also not naive and know that the service as a whole in Israel is not good.

See what they will do about it.


I hope the issue is resolved both to my satisfaction and soon (I still did not purchase a computer for not using it).

In general, this whole purchase was unsuccessful.

The day before they talked to me I ran out of stock of the screen I wanted and so as not to linger (I waited something like two weeks until they got back to me) I bought the screen from somewhere else.

The screen came crashing and now the computer has crashed.

Unpleasant coincidence.


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I decided not to wait for the first one and picked up a ring to them.

They said that on Sunday there would be an answer and they would probably take the computer and see what parts were working.

I said I was not ready for it considering the computer was two weeks old (and when I think about it they did not locate the faults I sent because of them, so they probably can not locate any fault) and I told them to clarify it to a courier company.


Looks like I'll still have to somehow check out serials. The computer consists of a total of 5 parts including the case.

How complicated would it be to do that?



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Strange, it did not post my message. This is the post I wrote down (except for the last sentence which is no longer relevant):


Updates we talked and they want to pick up the computer tomorrow and only then will they say what will be replaced. I do not understand how long it takes to say what the treatment will be. From Wednesday until today I do not know what exactly they will replace.

Admit it, I'm already lost my temper too. I gave them a few days even though you thought it was not worth it.

I have no intention of accepting parts that went through such a blow when they were only two weeks old when they were sent to the store even if in their inspection everything came out fine (as I said before, I sent for some faults and in their inspection came out fine, so they can not exceed 100% of faults).


I talked to them one more time. Bottom line they will give a new computer. I asked them to give me the new one and at the same time they will take the old one, but they do not agree. They want me to send the old one first and they will get rid of its parts and then send a new one in the hope that by the weekend it will arrive. Today we are already on two weeks without a computer and I hope it does not cross the 3 week threshold.


I am interested in photographing the serial numbers of the components. Is there a simple way to do this for someone who does not understand too much in the field?

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You have here a few options with software or just a simple command, for the motherboard, that run in CMD (Option 4)

CPUZ can also be used to extract information about the CPU (probably)
As for the rest, maybe SPECCY?
Try the software offered there, if I'm not mistaken, they do not cost money

CPUZ is also available in a version that does not require installation. Just extract to folder and run the file.
If you want at the end, you can delete the folder and that's it, nothing is left

Edited By jackhammer
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I went through some of the things. The mobile version of CPU Z bounces off the antivirus.

The standard version does not show the serials.

I tried in CMD to write down the command they wrote down on the old computer and had something string written down.


The serial of the motherboard was very easy to locate and photograph.

Same goes for the memories.

It seems to me that the case has no serial.

I have the fan left and according to a YouTube video, probably the processor behind it.

Wondering what to do. Should you try to disassemble?



Well, it does not look very complicated to assemble. I saw a video on YouTube. The question is whether it will be possible to see the serial. It looks like there is an ointment (thermal ointment?) On the processor in the video

Edited By law89
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1. Take out the memories and photograph them - they have serial numbers on them.

2. Copy the serial number of the board - see picture where it is. Compare the number on the board with the number in the board box.

3. Do not try to look for a serial number of the case - in the meantime, in my opinion, they will not fix it - besides you can mark some hidden place inside the case to make sure you did not get it back.

4. The new case comes built-in with - Do not believe they will replace him. You can also mark it in some way.

5. Also mark the heat sink where you can identify if you are getting a new one or have the old one returned to you.

6. The problem that remains is the processor identification. Does not suggest you disassemble so as not to create an "unpleasant" situation with the store.

Photo 1.jpg

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king :)

With 1 and 2 I already got along. As for the serial of the motherboard - for the good of all - it is not there but in the upper right corner.


Is it acceptable to mark? I was offered the same thing by family members, but it seemed to me immoral to "corrupt" the product with markings.


This is the part that will be easiest for them to move to the new computer because it is the most protected and with the least chance of being damaged.

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Don't know what antivirus you have that detects CPUZ as a suspect.
Are you sure he's not trying to warn you that software is trying to access such and such data? This is legitimate because the software has to pump data from all sorts of places, so maybe the antivirus detects it as suspicious.

In any case regarding the CPU, in CPUZ software you have REVISION and STEPPING parameters.
If I remember correctly (from the OC days over a decade ago), these parameters are related to BATCH in the production from which the processor came out so it is very very very rare that you will get another processor with the exact same numbers. I think you can rely on these numbers to compare whether the processor is new or not.

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He only identifies the mobile version as suspicious.

Updates the computer was shipped on Monday, so far does not match return shipping.

He was with me for two weeks. Tomorrow I'm already closing three weeks without him. Lucky I have a faltering computer but at least it works.

I guess he won't come tomorrow either. I wonder when they will coordinate.

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I talked to them today. The computer is supposed to arrive tomorrow. I asked to know if they are bringing a new computer and that I would like to get the boxes of the new parts (on the board of the board if for example its serial number appears). The representative told me he did not take care of it and will check with the manager and get back to me during the day but apparently they will not send the boxes.

I called the lab branch tonight. For half an hour no one answered.

I called the sales and was told they would leave him a message to get back to me.

Did not return to me And tomorrow the computer is expected to be shipped. This matter is very frustrating.

I understand this is not an expensive computer (and part of it is their fault because I also wanted to order two monitors and it took them 3 weeks to get back to me and the day before they returned, they ran out of monitors I wanted. The computer was not expensive yet, but was already relatively affordable ) But I expect I will not have to chase after the store and I will get an explanation of what exactly they are sending me before they ship.

If I can not catch them in the morning and they send an old part, I'll be in a mess again, I need to send them the computer again.

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The value of the computer is not relevant here at all.
A company that wants the trust of customers with expensive computers, needs to know how to conduct itself in general and especially with cheaper computers because, what to do, it is the mass of customers.
Unfortunately, as you now discover and others have discovered before you, this store is not something in service (to say the least), and the Corona crisis has only exacerbated the disgrace they are celebrating.

Go to their Facebook and see what goes on there.
Every few days, they post about a YouTuber who received his computer for a million shekels, and everyone jumps up and responds "What about my order?", "Why don't they get back to me?", "Waiting an hour on the line ...."

It's like this from August to September.
So at first it was a load of Black Friday, then a load of Christmases, then an inventory count ....
In short, they do not lack excuses.

Edited By jackhammer
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I'm aware of that. It took me 3 weeks to make the order.


If they provide a new computer with all the boxes etc maybe at least say that at the bottom line at least they did the job.

In terms of time - they screwed up here hugely. It has been 22 days since the computer was first shipped.

Unfortunately the amot service in the country are very low.

I also don’t have too much anger about them. How did the technical say? I'm just a technician, not a manager and I understand him.

A bit strange that the store is highly recommended. Overall service like all the other stores. I did not see any extra. It is a pity that the website here blocks specifications from almost all stores.

A good few years ago, the Specifications Forum was much more bustling with life and there were no such restrictions.


I called them again this morning. I'm waiting for them to get back to me.

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