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Intel vs AMD Desktop Market share 2021

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Meanwhile, the economic research departments are issuing interesting data, including quietly Hadera within 3 years with epyc processors

To over 10% market share. One estimate speaks of 12%.


The data are correct for November 2020, and unlike the desktop segment, these do not yet include the transition of For epyc processors

Based on zen3, but only the previous generation zen2. There are estimates that by 2021 using epyc zen3 is expected To cross

The 15% market share threshold in the field of data centers.


** At the same time there is also a big increase that ARM processors are starting to accumulate in this market. It is worth following the development as stock investors.

Strong nod in this picture.

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Important note (style On Trump tweets)

This is a statistic that comes from users who run performance tests of those who view it

Naturally - it is very important to note that there is still a tendency for people who understand and know the world of hardware and computers to run such a test with hardware Compared to many users with hardware .


Also, the tendency to run performance tests exists mainly in advanced / new computer systems, and not in old / office systems, etc.


Personally, I have no doubt that the existing market share today, if you really do a general head count, still belongs by a huge majority to Intel. We are not yet in the utopia described in the link.

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In a test I did last month, you casually asked in a TMS of the kind I ask when hugging with friends who once in ...

When something comes up to buy, and she "What is the ratio today in the sale of processors In front of Risen with you?

I was seated "Which sell for about half and half". 

And the same question in 2017 about six months after the launch of Risen First Generation, was answered "A quarter against three quarters".


The so-called peddler statistics from the market, in one crazy little store in Israel. As far as it means anything to us.

And this is Israel, yes, not the United States or Germany here. We did not ask to present what is happening in the large mindfactory marketer in Germany that has long been voting

To the community on these findings, but asked to see what happens in one typical store in the Holy Land.


Given that these findings, of mindfactory, of all kinds of studies of economic institutes for the investment market, and findings from a local street store

We converge on the same / similar picture, I estimate that passmark's statistics are very much in line with the mood in the market.

The global desktop today, certainly in the market of private buyers (assuming office computers are not included in the sample for the purpose).


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A quick browse the web to see what's happening in a market share reported from the German etailer mindfactory, updated for April 2020

(Before the launch of Risen 5000) paints the following picture:


* I will look for more updated if I find - stay tuned


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I found the most up-to-date, for the month, including closing data for December 2020 from a week ago.

** This time it includes the launch of the Risen 5000 and also the launch Generation 10, ie more topical than ever.


Although there is a recovery on the side And total sales increased (see the graph representing the A nice increase in the nominal numbers),

In contrast, it can be seen that the increase is on the side Even bigger and the leap that has occurred since the launch of Risen 5000. Very interesting and instructive:


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Amazon USA also provides sales data of products by category, and a quick tour of it shows:


My servants Control hand level in sales volumes. Not half and half, but similar to Germany, great control of processor sales .

 Its places 1-6, 7th place one Intel processor and after that goes on again 8-9 , Instead of 10 again one processor of , And so on and so forth.

Clicking on the link will show viewers an up-to-date picture.


I'm taking a second for us to see what the page currently shows in the first places at least and the models:


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More interesting business statistics, in a direct comparison of the segment which the premium consumers buy for a home performance computer,

And you can not be confused here. Comparing Risen's new 8 cores = 5800X against the 10 most powerful cores Intel 10900K has, and with the dates

Which show us what's happening from the moment the launch of the Risen 5000 and how the sales graph of Braked as Risen's sales chart soared, at least until they ran out

Full of it on the shelf (probably in the December area):




And here's a comparison of quantities against the Risen 5900X, more or less the same. Also for sure see there is a sales halt in the last month of December.

Undoubtedly a problem on the supply side, which does not allow customers to get the products near:



Here's a super fascinating comparison of what's going on in the middle of the table where there are more sales, the $ 300 MSRP price segment, in the competition

Tapping 10600K versus 5600X, the six cores that represent the sweet spot today. Here too and even more so you are the razor

Sells 3 times more than the Intel in question and again, it is impossible to confuse market shares and say it is just some statistical sample of passmark
Therefore take a limited warranty. It's everywhere and every nook and cranny that is measured at every business economic data provider that is available:


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I was intrigued by what has gone on here in the past year, comparing the two Kings, 10400 versus 3600, the popular 6-core princes,

 Because talk about these two processors head to head the most on the net. This was the talk of the day, who is the ruler of the mainstream category,

And the truth is, I did not know it was the actual, inconceivable gap. In fact the 3600 processor we knew was one of the best selling and it's not surprising,

Turns out to be in first place in the world with a market share of over 4%, a record that was unparalleled I think very much Sandy Bridge.

It sold 9 times more than its direct rival 10400 processor:





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The later arrival of the 10400f model (at a slightly cheaper price), failed to reverse the trend, but at least lowered the ratio

From 9 times in favor of the Rizen 3600, only 5. XNUMX times the difference:



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Everything said here is relevant to independent complex computers. A market that constitutes less than 20% of the market. 

In brand computers, mostly gray business but not only, the presence of Delicate and poor. 

Already at the level of the selection of models on any computer based There are 3 models based on Intel (b And Lenovo) In DELL the situation is even more biased towards Intel. 

In Asus and Isar the situation is no better.

It remains to be hoped that penetration into the mobile market will be better than penetration into the branded desktop market. 


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Regarding sales data from etailer suppliers, it can be assumed that these are indeed private consumers who buy a home computer,

As from the German mindfactory supplier or The American, and not the institutional market, which purchases from other suppliers in the distribution chain.


But ...

Research data from institutes that provide background data for the preparation of a prospectus for investments in the capital market, and the data from the most recent database

That I provided us - in the comparisons of processor versus processor in the collection of leading segments, such as 10900 versus 5800 and so on ...

This is no longer data from any stores or resellers, but data that is extracted from all the computers that hit the road in the world.

And connect to the Internet. Are they the more accurate and inclusive picture that we might want to look at?


That's why I would run a query for us on the Database, specifically on the processor models that usually go to the touch. Poor and .

What name might be another image? After all, we will see more sales of institutional market processors.

Then Thrown in a circular What do you think are the common processor models in these computers, and I will run a query for us. It is interesting.


I will presume, these will be Quad-core and hexagonal frequency-locked cores. 🤔

In my estimation on the side of These will be APU processors, since an office computer also needs a video card.

So the query should be something like this - the quad-core Intel common in brand computers,

In front of the APU that suits him of .

What models to put in front of what? help me

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Quote of nec_000

This is no longer data from any stores or resellers, but data that is extracted from all the computers that hit the road in the world.

And connect to the Internet. Are they the more accurate and comprehensive picture that we might want to look at?


If you have it, you have the whole picture. So what's all the barbarism about?

And if you have it you should also have information about the chipset.

If you check by chipsets it will greatly reduce the product range.


In any case, business computers are a fertile pad to get rid of the previous generation of processors.

So look for 9400 and 9500 in relation to 5 3400g

Although I did not understand what the database is and what it is worth 

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Good idea Yoav, 

Ticking for us the models You wrote down, I wonder what happens in the said comparison.

First 9400 versus G3400:



And now 9500 versus G3400:



Just so they do not say that the DB is screwed, because it does not make sense to anyone that These processors, for the most part, also have a great deal of control

Populate institutional computer systems, so I now deliberately choose a processor that has sold with much more certainty From AMD

In the private market, amateur computers in the field, model 7700k front 1700 - Hits of 2017. Let's see it all together,

Let's understand that numbers are correct and there are no games here, I think.

The numbers are of course going down in both, because these processors are no longer sold new, so what is in the field is getting smaller.

Quantitative from the general cake as you enter the market Newer samples. Therefore see a gradual and slow decline in the second

These models, which corresponds to reality and is that their share as a percentage of the total number of processors in the world is declining.




Feel free to sample more To be convinced of the trend of the last year (two years), on the shift that has taken place in the processor market

In the field of desktop? Or is the trend already quite clear to us in light of the data we have collected? 🤔


Of course all the factors were gathered and we will mention:

Including from retailers in Europe (mindfactory) and USA (Amazon), continued in research institutes that do their work (for needs

Market analysis as a recommendation to an investor in the capital market), and ending (in my opinion) with the highest quality data and it is DB engines that centralize several processors for us

Of every kind there is in the field, a screen of all the processors in the world at that moment.

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