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Intel vs AMD Desktop Market share 2021

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I said to myself something like this:

We see that in 2017, the year of the launch of the Risen, Still dominates the market and sells much more than Marisen. Something like three

Intel quarters versus just a quarter for Risen. Which is already improved in terms of Yes, because before that AMD barely had a 10% market share.

Makes sense, it took time for the market to curb the change that Risen brought, and Risen First Generation has not yet demonstrated the peak of quality as they say.



From the other side we see, that in the years 2019-2020 every comparison I make in the engine, Dominates the market with a level hand.

No matter what I check. So I said to myself, nec, let's see what happens in the middle of the period - at the seam between these two periods,

In 2018. When Risen was launched second generation, when it was launched Generation 8 which was a quick response to the Rizens and was successful in itself.

What is the trend?


 I thought so and said, we will test the i3 8100 model compared to the G2400 which were two Parallel about that time.

Both have a similar price and probably what represented the computers of the institutional market in quantities, not just the domestic market.

And the result as it seems is logical, where you see the segmentation to half and half in this period, which is after the market has been

Began to confiscate Rizen apparently, and realize, that he is Rises and brand accepted, but have not yet reached the full course,

The one that changed the bowl on its mouth - which will only happen from zen2 to you.




In the meantime, from all the tests I do, the picture looks something like this:

Until 2017, in the crappy years before that, Barely holds 10% market share.

In the launch year of the Risen 2017, Manages to rise to a share of a quarter versus three quarters for Intel. The so-called beginning of a nice and clear penetration.

In 2018, a balance was created for the first time and in quite a few cases the amount of sales is balanced Vs. AMD.

And starting in 2019, the trend is reversed while AMD dominates the desktop market, a trend that does not stop but becomes more extreme.

This is more or less what I can diagnose from the data that the DB gives us in segmenting models by launch year.

Fortunately, this trend also makes sense, it is in line with the rationale. it makes sense.


It seems to me that anyone who thinks that Intel is better known in the field of desktops sees this "in Israeli eyes", in our local market, which is not an example

What's happening in the big global market, which changed disk. In fact, in Israel AMD has always had no serious representation in the domestic market, not even in the past.

In Israel, the market is biased , For all sorts of historical business economic reasons and more, we talked about it in the past in the forum. And do not let us tap into the local trend

Regarding what is accepted in the global market.

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I was interested in checking out something else, how many sold 8700K in the amateur computing market, compared to Risen 2700 which was its competitor in 2018.

It can be seen that at that time Intel still ruled with a level hand, as they ruled with the 7700K against the first Risen:



In fact the trend is reversing right from the Mrizen 3000. Comparing the 9900K versus the 3700X.

Kerry zen2 is the key to a tiebreaker as I estimated, this is another strengthening statistic:


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All is well and good only that the alignment of the graphs is not related to competition but to zero availability of models such as 10900 and 5950 x. However, laptops have absolute dominance over Intel, and laptops are sold to universities and businesses as well (because there is not a single computer-based university in the world). , All scrap of Del Am Previous generation at the price of nuts). And no, I'm a fanboy of the company that offers me the deal I like best, and at the moment it's a Raisen 5000 despite the inflated price. 

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The topic of LAPTOP computers looks interesting and beautiful that you have raised it. This is a niche in itself, one of the largest and most important in the field.

The common thesis is, that Intel controls it with a level hand without argument, that's also what I know. So let's hope DB also has information on laptops.



Since I am not familiar with the models In the field of mobiles, will you throw me something in Matuta for testing ...?

What a processor Popular of the laptop and its equivalent Brisen. See if there is anything to spend ...

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According to the question you asked about i5-2400 versus i3-8100, the database does not address how many Got on the road in the given amount of time but a few There's on the road. (Obviously no i5-2400 will be sold new in 2020).

Accordingly I asked you a failing question, not failing you but the DB. 

The ryzen 2500u sold very little, it was the first swallow of During the Reisen era and since it is not something that can be purchased separately in the store but within a complex and existing laptop there is a limited consumer by the manufacturers.


AMD has built itself over the years an underdog name that gives a VALUE product at an affordable price.

When brand manufacturers take a VALUE product they are not building a quality system around it but a cheap system.

Accordingly a situation has arisen that for years in the mobile market the computers that came with processors Were cheap, simple, neutered and not of high quality.

Accordingly the amount of computers sold with processors Was lower.

In addition, for every model that was on the market with 2500u had several dozen models with i5-8250u.

The consumer had no options at all.

As a result of all this, the i5-8250u was the gtx 1060 of mobile processors (considered the most common by sets) at the time and the ryzen 2500u was about as common as VII. 


Plus if the repository refers to everything on the market and half of what is sold in this world is mobile

And the i5-8250u was super common as a mainstream and sold a lot,  

Tell me about every single such processor (0.6 from the market in November 2020) 

 There are 8 units of i9-9900k on the market 3700x (together according to your graph they make up 5% of the market in November 2020) 

This makes me doubt the accuracy of the DB. 


I'm sorry but it's like telling me that for every 1060 there are 8 units of 2080ti on the market ...







Edited By yoavke
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It is assumed that Yoav, whose percentages are within its relevant segment, it is assumed that they do not mix With desktop and those foreign domains.

Therefore in percent we should not mix and confuse. But only make a relative comparison of a product against its direct competitor, both of which come from the same field.


At the same time he would and will insist on believing that Intel still sells more desktop processors than Rather, believe in what you want.


As an experienced investor (relatively, 20 years plus ...) and heavy (relative, to the average person from the street),

Money is precious and close to my heart. Therefore, it is better (with your permission) to research and look for answers to these questions, than to live "in faith" and hope that you will not be angry with me : )


For if I live by beliefs and not on the basis of actual concrete information that emerges from relevant research in the areas in which I invest,

Routing my investments will go down the drain, which is not something I would want to happen.


Edited By nec_000
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Although it is not related to processors, and we are here in the section of , But just came up with an idea to test a GPU sample.

The figures how to say gently, do not surprise anyone:











Edited By nec_000
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It is actually interesting to do a few more tests at the GPU level because we have another database to cross with 

Since there seems to be a difference there, then 1060-6gb vs 1060-3gb and then the one of the years in front of rx580. 


As for the processors and the entire database, it is not clear what its sources are and I doubt that.

If I understood correctly what you said its sources is information that comes out of every computer that connects to the network.

ZA The most comprehensive and accurate information that contains all computers, it sounds to me a bit pretentious 




Edited By yoavke
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