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Video card for 2-3 screens

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Hi friend


I bought a new computer. Arrived today for repair due to a number of minor glitches. I am interested in using 2 screens and sometimes 3 screens.

Both in the forum and at the time of purchase I was not told that there should be a problem running 2 screens with the computer.

He recommended purchasing a video card. Is it necessary for 2 screens and it is possible that sometimes 3 purchase a video card and if so, which card is recommended?


In addition he said it would produce a load on the CPU. Am I expecting future problems due to regular use of two (and sometimes three) screens. Attached is the specification.


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The graphics core in your processor (i5 10400) has support for connecting up to 3 monitors.

As long as your board contains 3 different connections, you can take advantage of the CPU's capacity.

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This is actually a highly recommended store in the forum.


Indeed, there are 3 connections. Before I sent them the computer I tried to connect two monitors and it worked fine.

Is there any truth in having three monitors load on the CPU?

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Quote of Jabberwock

No. But maybe they "tried" to explain to you that the graphics processor in the processor is not powerful.



So in conclusion, can I run 3 monitors with the current specification without any extras and without worries that in the future will cause damage? (I'm not sure what you mean the graphics processor in the processor is not powerful so make sure)

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