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Need your advice on purchasing a suitable router

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TP-Link Archer AX20 AX1800 Dual-Band 6


I was recommended this router. But my knowledge of the whole subject tends to be zero!


Right now I have של 200 Mega, Via Hot (Hotnet Provider) with Called crap HOTBOX 2 - With lots of disconnections!


I have a few questions :


Can the router above להחליף (Technically and practically) the Hot router? Will he give a performance Noticeably better?


If I move to Bezeq, is he Will still function At a good or high level even with Bezeq's connection?


In case they come (soon in our day, Amen!) To us optic fibers Of one of the companies, did even then This router will be usable Instead of what fiber companies have to offer?


How much that is Complex and complicated Configure this router for network use Or Bezeq?


Is there Another router that is better About this in response to all of the above?


if there is Additional vital information I should know, I would love to expand my education on the subject.


Thanks in advance to all the helpers! :D





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Ask Mehot for the Hotbox 4, it is more advanced and supports WiFi in 2.4 and also in 5 GB. It's worth a try before you invest in equipment at your own expense. I am also connected to the infrastructure And the 200MB Hottest Provider and the Hotbox 4 work just fine

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I have Hotbox 1 and infrastructure Provided with a 200Mbps speed after upgrading from 100MB.


My emphasis is on wireless speed and after upgrading I did not feel any difference. The router I have works on frequency 2.5 and standard N.


I asked to upgrade to Hotbox 4 and was told it involves additional costs. I realized that the Hotbox 4 comes with an upgrade to a speed of 500 MB but if you insist there is a situation to get it in a package of 200 MB.

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I also had a Hotbox 1. I complained to myself For the fact that the speed was not good - I was at 200 MB and did not get that speed. In addition, the hotbox is in the living room and the reception of the WiFi in the rooms was weak and slow, and they agreed to give me a hotbox 4 at no extra charge, and the improvement was definitely significant

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Agreed to send me the Hotbox 4 for self-installation. Cost: 30 shekels for the courier.


It is due to arrive tomorrow (Monday) afternoon. Hopefully it will work properly, and this eternal disconnection nightmare will end. :)

Edited By Aviram Dan
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Well, then on the downside - there are still disconnections and the browsing speed drops occasionally during the day.


On the plus side, the number of disconnections has decreased by about 30%. I now have 2 frequencies (2.4 and 5) - so I switched most of the devices to 5, and in the meantime it works not bad, except when there are disconnections, of course.


All in all, this is probably an infrastructure problem, which we hope will get rid of completely as soon as the fibers arrive.


And again thanks to all the helpers! :)

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