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Gaming chair and table

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Interested in purchasing a chair. Two related questions:

1. In recent years a new concept of gaming chairs has entered. For a person who sits a lot in front of a computer but does not Is a regular chair or a gaming chair better? What is the difference between them?

2. Is there a store that has a display of chairs. This is the kind of product I prefer to check if I am comfortable with and not just purchase from the internet.


Table - I am looking for a table of non-standard size, in the area of ​​1.8-2 meters wide. IKEA has a table that is reasonably priced but the materials do not seem to be of high quality.

Where can you get such a brace from beech wood? I tried to check with some carpenter but he wants 1,200 and it's like the price of two such tables at IKEA including legs.


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Still a bit of a dangerous area, although if it's near the Ayalon Mall it's already at the end of Bnei Brak and not inside.


True, not relevant at the moment, but as the closure ends, I'm interested in closing this corner (in case I have time when this closure will not end)

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Good chair, cost-benefit ratio: Waxman F15.

I just bought a cool table from IKEA MDF with veneer. Looks great on the face and also looks durable. It also looks good on display.

size: 160x80 cm

The table is not paper, not hollow.


If you would like to compromise on size you have the following option:

Solid wood 400 NIS

You have legs between 200-400.

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These bumps on the sides of the back do not interfere with sitting?

How does everyone know this Waxman? I've never heard of them.


As for IKEA - I must say it's a beautiful table. The dimensions are a little less what I'm looking for. I am looking for more width and less length.

How did you find the braces inside the IKEA website? The search there is terrible. As much as I try to look for plates there, I can not find.

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They do not have over 80 width.

Plate search:

Goes to modular tables, selects a table, tab details product components.


Note that a large portion of the plates are of poor quality, paper, and hollow inside. You get bogged down in the Environment and Materials tab, where it says to you what it's made of.

There are also AS IS desks in office furniture.


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Thank you. there is:


That there is a 200X60 hotplate there which is about what I want.

The braces look pretty bad quality or am I wrong?


Can I take a plate from one table + legs of another table


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Okay, I finally got to go over the tables more seriously. Has the following table:


Advantage: Adjustable legs, beech wood

Disadvantage: Looking for something more rectangular and less square - meaning less length and more width.

I must admit that the table also looks cheap. The table I have at the moment cost 1,000 NIS and looks much much more luxurious.


As for the kitchen countertops - I do not know if it is possible to attach legs to it.


This is the size of the brace I'm looking for:

But not with bad filling

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And I just went through Waxman's chairs. Most of them are chairs with In the back. I really do not like this type of chairs, which means there are almost no options left except:כסא-למחשב-דגם-indigo-2/כסא-משרדי-דגם-f15/כסא-ארגונומי-דגם-vista-s-2/כסא-ארגונומי-דגם-vista-m-שחור/


The last two are already out of budget. I do not know if it is worth reaching such sums for a chair.

Do you recommend one of them?


Are there any more recommended stores?


Edit: Has anyone tried prolonged use of a computer with an armchair rather than a chair?

I came across an ad about computer armchairs

Edited By law89
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