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After retiring from Verzon and a bit of a craving for goal games I bought V and the game just did not run smoothly 

Let me tell you that my computer is a monster


I5 10600 

8 double 2 ram

In short a computer of 8 thousand 

Isn't there such an animal that the game ran for me so shocking does anyone have a solution?

The computer is in 2K quality and everything is normal

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Quote of the captaincaveman

What does it mean not to run smoothly?

While playing, what is the memory consumption? What percentage of utilization is the processor and video card?

 I have no idea what percentage utilization but logic says that 3070 will run the game for fun

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Driver updated?

It once happened to me that the driver was not up to date and the games were trying to run on the built-in graphics card of the processor instead of on the card of NVIDIA ...


Besides give some numbers, on how many FPS game runs are you with medium settings?

How much does he run with high settings?

How much is he running that you are on low settings? (You said it was the same thing but in terms of numbers on how much it ran?)

Try lowering the resolution. Same?


If it's really the same numbers, it means the problem is not with the video card but elsewhere.

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