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Transmission speed. a question...

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Hello everyone!

I wanted to ask what is called "transmission speed".

I'm by cable Getting 1Gbps, that means exactly?


And the question interests me more,

I'm connected to WIFI I'm at 1.3Gbps, could it be better for me to surf (and play!) With WIFI over a network cable? And is it possible to increase the transmission speed by the network cable?


Thank youScreenShot_20210123181404.png.ba2acfc6ed2d7c2603395f9cb14f8a15.pngScreenShot_20210123181358.png.92a96d8db4278788f4aa42d7c5ac39bb.png


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Two points that are important to understand:


  • Wired connection to most of the maximum speed that can be obtained is close to the theoretical speed (80% or more). In the essay It will almost never reach more than half the theoretical speed, and any disturbance can lower the speed even further - until in practice it may be that on a good day you will have 50% and on a bad day 10%.
  • What you are showing is just the speed of the connection between your computer and the router (your private network). When it comes to the internet - it is important to know what speed you are getting from the provider. It can be 1Gbps on the Unlimited network, but if you are a regular cable / flash subscriber - it can also be much less. Then no matter what the connection in your home network, that is not the one limiting you.
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For games the bandwidth (which is what you call speed) almost does not matter, the game is designed for much much less and you will not see an improvement in that there is more bandwidth than needed. What is much more important for games is the latency and stability of the network and in this connection the lines have a great advantage.


There is faster linear equipment, connections 2.5 GB is already quite common in expensive boards and there are also 5 and 10 GB connections on the market, of course you also need a suitable router and this equipment is still very expensive. As stated as long as the ISP does not give such speeds then it is not really relevant because it only affects the speed within the home network.

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