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AMD 5900X - OC Help.


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Hey friends ,

Yesterday I got the new computer and I am interested in doing OC.
Even before I start performing the OC, I noticed that the memories do not work on the 3600MHz frequency.
I tried to change the BIOS to 3600 but then the timings jump to CL38 if I remember correctly.
How do I make memories work on the 3600MHz frequency at CL16 timing as stated by the manufacturer?




AMD 5900X
XFX RX 6800 XT 
Samsung 970 EVO Plus
Crucial Ballistix 32GB (4x8gb) 3600 cl16
Corsair iCue H115i Elite Capellix
Corsair HX850 850W Platinum 
Corsair iCUE 4000X RGB


Attaches the link to the memoirs:

I would love to receive a guide / , What to define in the BIOS, etc ..
I realized that this board comes with a special feature for OC, (Dynamic Overclock), which can be done Without losing the boost to the single core .. 

No name

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Do as the guy explains here in PM12:11 ?



He does there Manual .. 


He changed the current threshold option to switch to oc mode to 35 = what exactly does it do?


Plus even though it defines Manually it still runs the PBO as well .. I did not understand why.


Regarding stress testing, do with PRIME95 or FURMAK?

Edited By KF
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This is my board, DARK HERO, through which you can do Manual + PBO, without losing the advantage of frequency in case of Manual for all cores.


The problem is I did not understand how much AMP set up in current threshold to switch to oc mod .


Of the videos on the net some made 125 and some 108 .. do not understand the meaning of this.


I want to try to start with the following data


Voltage 1.3

Frequency 4400 (44)

Memory 3600

Run PBO.


Just stuck with the AMP option ..


Edited By KF
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I turned on DOCP.


The memories are currently on 3600MHZ and I tightened schedules to 16-16-16-36 (instead of the stock 16-18-18-38 )


The processor frequency stands at 45.5 for all cores (4550) at a voltage of 1.30 per processor.


I turned on both PBO and DOS .. I set 108amp there in current threshold to switch to oc mod


* With the above data, the system successfully passed a 10-minute rendering test on the Cinebench R23


*** Any increase to frequency 46 CPU does not survive Cinebench .. After a few tests it crashes.

Once I add voltage, the CPU is already crashing because of the heat.

Edited By KF
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None77 - I would be happy if you could explain in more depth what this is about?


jabberwock - Why not tighten schedules?


As for PBO, I activated the option, but I also did manual OC for all cores.


Degrees at rest 38-40


Degrees in effort 75-81


With tight timings in memory I get 23140 in cinebmech and with stock timings I get 23112. 

Edited By KF
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Quote of KF

jabberwock - Why not tighten schedules?

It's just a headache to tighten sub-timings and it's very difficult to know stability. It will not give you a real improvement. I sometimes had black screens occasionally, I thought it was from the video card and finally I found out that somehow the video card drivers are sensitive to sub-timings ... so I do not suggest you play with it. What's not for nothing you bought memories with excellent timings. It's better to settle for that.

Quote of KF

As for PBO, I activated the option, but I also did manual OC for all cores.

Hmmm, maybe you lose the single core boost because of the manual OC. I would cancel this overclock and leave only PBO.

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Okay, I returned the timings to Stoke, thanks


As for the boost, my motherboard comes with a special feature that allows me to combine the boost along with manual OC for all cores = dynamic oc switcher.


You just need to set in the BIOS when the OC for all cores will go into action, set this by the direction of the amp. (I set 108).


Once the processor consumes 108 or more all the cores go into operation according to the manual settings I set, below that the PBO will work normally.


Of course you can play with it .. which is because in games the processor passes the 108 so there will be no PBO.


* By the way, I tried to go up to a frequency of 4600mhz combined with a voltage of 1.35 but the processor crashes after a number of tests Cinebench, no reset but the software issues an error.


Unable to pass 4550mhz

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That's what you tell me .. what's better on paper? I do not have that much experience with it.


Anyway I also render occasionally so I do not know is already better.


I will try to run PBO only and run Cinebench  To see what the result is.


Anyway do you recommend leaving on stock data and running PBO only?

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