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Consulting before buying a computer

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Hi Hello I have a screen 28 and I am interested in a gaming computer that will suit it and it will also be possible to play 4K games

I am also a student of graphic design, UI \ UX and of course it should also be suitable for graphic editing with AI etc.

And in general for video and heavy software editing.

Before I realized and from what I researched I need an i7 or i9 processor and a Nivdia video card 3080 or 3090 that can work with 4k 

Computers With such specifications very expensive so I currently prefer stationary.

The bug has to offer me an OMEN 30L GT! 13-0010nj computer, it has an i9 10900k processor, a 3090 video card 32 RAM and a card Of 1 tera house

And I do not think there is additional.

 They even ordered it to the store (I have not paid yet) it costs about 13700 ... and they make me 18 interest-free payments 

Is a link to the site For full specifications ... 

From what I understand it is excellent but there are some issues, one maybe less important, and that's the matter of the drive (can I expand and add no?)

And the other thing a little more critical is the cooling, I realized that the processor has Liquid, but according to what I researched on YouTube about OMEN computers they are

Overcrowded and overheated and can reach 80 degrees Celsius and there are not enough fans. I'm not sure about this computer because it's a little newer than the ones shown on youtube.

And I also found that the BIOS is locked and cannot be expanded (Again I do not know if this is the specification or older or is it just like that in this company).


what do you think? Anyone understand the type of these computers?

They said fans could be added and more And it drops to 70 lovely Celsius but I really do not want to mess with it and prefer a computer to come ready. 

I was also recommended this computerמחשב-גיימינג-asus-g35cz-il021d  That sounds pretty nice

And that too And I came across a few more similar ones that I liked less.

what do you think? I would love to know if I'm worth buying an artist's computer or the other computers I put links to or maybe you have to recommend me a computer that is the same as the specification

That I want for my needs up to a sum of 13000 and I would of course prefer less .. I would love to hear about recommended desktops in your opinion and of course if there are With similar specifications

What I want up to this amount, is also possible and of course I would love it to be with Windows and over 16GB of home and more.

Thanks in advance and sorry for the long text. But it's not a small financial expense and I do not want to be screwed, because I do not understand the biggest in the specifications.  

Edited By orlove87
Something else problematic I discovered in the HP specs that was important for me to add. The BIOS.
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The processors of really Not recommended in your budget.
How critical is the 3090 to you? Because the difference in price between the 3080 and 3090 is a few thousand shekels and this choice alone will decide the rest of the specifications.
I personally would go for something like this if the 3090 is really critical:
Processor: 2490 NIS - * Irregular supply * - 12 9 5900X Up To 4.8Ghz BOX
Cooling Water Processor: 358 ₪ - MasterLiquid ML240L V2 ARGB
Motherboard: 716 ₪ - TUF GAMING -PLUS
Memory: 586 NIS - * Sale * - 32G (2x16G) XPG 3200Mhz CL16 GAMMIX D30 BLACK
Video card: 7890 ₪ - * in computer assembly * - RTX3090 O24G TUF GAMING OC
Hard disk: 509 NIS - WD Blue 1T SN550  R / W Up To 2400 / 1950MB / s 5 Year Warranty
Hard disk: 259 NIS - * Sale * 2T 3.5 '' Sata3 Barracuda 7200RPM 2 Years Warranty
Power Supply: 620 ₪ - 850W HCG-850M 80 + GOLD Full Modular High Current Gamer
Case: 394 ₪ - NX800

Final price: cash / bank transfer: 13822 
For credit: up to 12 payments 14098 ₪ or 36 payments 14374 ₪

Only it is without an operating system (you can buy at a tenth of the price in stores in the country online if you can install yourself or know someone who can help you).

In terms of solutions , Do not know why people care so much about the temperature of their components, 80 it's great working temperatures for the CPU and video card.


Edited By Moon-Mage
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Hi thanks so much for the advice, I will check it out too ...

And as long as the computer can hold games in 4K resolution then I do not care that it will also be a different processor, I mentioned this processor

Because this is what I saw from people who suggested in all sorts of forums I read in and from YouTubers to match gaming on.

The rest of the things (which I understand are obviously suitable for such computers).

Also regarding the issue of cooling I saw that people there put emphasis on it so I mentioned that as well.

And also the truth that I do not want a terrible noise. So if it heats up like this it's not a problem and it's okay? And the noise?

Thanks :)

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By the way, where do I see the computer you recommended for me? Or do I just have to put together the specs?


EDIT: Oh okay I just saw below you wrote where.

Edited By orlove87
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The specification was put together in startpc, but since they do not give percentages to the site it is not allowed to put links to them here.

In terms of cooling, the case I put in is a case that is very, very well cooled and in my opinion also does not make noise (it is next to me right now).
In terms of temperatures, as long as no component reaches its threshold temperature that will cause it to lower frequencies the temperature does not change, the main danger in the HP type computer you brought is that usually the motherboard is very very low and VRM there tends to overheat and impair CPU performance.

Edited By Moon-Mage
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