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A computer game is recommended for a 10-year-old child

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I have assembled a gaming computer for my nephew and I am looking for games that will challenge him (he is currently craving one of the simplest internet games you buy animals and tools In real money and not really doing anything with it)


I never was Too serious (34 years old today) but I would like to show him something more impressive and complex. It does not have to be educational (at all), but it should be interesting, simple enough for a 10-year-old boy with a cool head and high technical ability and with graphics that will bring the lady expression of the system's ability


Better not be too violent.




(I have never felt more boomer in my life than in writing this post)

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Most games with good graphics are intended for an adult audience and therefore include violence or graphic sexuality.

Car racing can showcase the capabilities of the computer.

Games As elite dangerous or everspace can also fit. (I have not yet played in the first, do not know about the content)


Most of the games I introduced to my son were actually more with an emphasis on local co op and gamepad (for the computer in the living room).

The trine series is quite successful and includes good puzzles. The first 2 are not three-dimensional and the third is actually less successful but the graphics are very nice.

The fourth is also successful. Next to them is the nine parchments but he is already with 0 puzzles and less interesting, actually recommends not to purchase. 


I guess strategy games can fit, there is another discussion in the forum about strategy games for kids ages 9-11. 

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I talked about your discussion 😆.

Anyway, without English at a reasonable level there is not much chance in my opinion unless you go for RTS. 

(c & c etc, warcraft / starcraft) 

But with food came appetite, I learned English from Larry, the versions that had to be written.


What about games master of orion, homeworld, endless space 


Battletech's paradox was nice in my opinion and with a plot from the ass that is better not to be able to read it.

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