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Computer for trading system

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Does anyone know where I can get a complex system according to this specification:

Mother Board ASUS Pro WS C422-ACE Trippodo / PC21
CPU Intel W-2295 Mouser / Alternate / Mindfactory (DE) / B&H (US)
RAM Kingston KSM29RS8 / 8MEI Kingston *4
NVMe 3D NAND (Windows 10) Grosbill / Cybertek Intel 760p 512 GB or DC P4511 1 TB series (better)
NVMe 3D XPoint (Sierra Chart) Intel Optane DC P4801X 200 GB PC21 / Mouser series
But by the full GPU acceleration tech PNY P620 Alternate / LDLC / PC21 / MATERIEL.NET / inmac wstore
CASE be quiet! Dark Base 700 MATERIEL.NET / PC21 / LDLC / Alternate / Grosbill / Cybertek

Windows 10 Pro for 64-bit Workstations



Want someone who will also give responsibility



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Everything you buy in the country from a tidy place will come with a guarantee.

The more information you give, the better answer you will get. 

Are you talking about a computer designed for an end user? Need to perform rapid analyzes? 

From what little I have come across, anyone who runs trading calculations is sometimes required in one or two cores as fast as possible - an important reservation - I have little experience and it is out of date.

Is it possible to link to the source from which you received the above specifications?  


18 processing cores with 32 GB This is a very unusual mismatch unless the 18-core processor was purchased for only 2-4 working at high speed.


A - intel processor i9-10980x is the direct equivalent to the above XEON and is available in stores in the country 

B - The ryzen 9-5950x processor will give you only 16 cores but performance that may not be inferior. You need to check what software you are working on and whether they are optimized for AMD. Often in DATA calculations the processors of More efficient. 


Of course if you are fixed on the direction you were originally recommended and do not want to scatter too much with new computing information, 10980 is a slight deviation aside (the only difference is that there is no ECC memory support relative to Given the ridiculous amount of memory, I'm not sure memory is the mainstay of the computer. 

But if the load is serial and not parallel, maybe a processor like the 10850k / 10900k is enough and what you want is a store that will agree to make you a high OC.




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thanks for the detailed answer

The source is here: The guy specializes in customizing computers for the trading system

The load I understand is parallel (take the same information and calculate it in parallel in several different calculations / different graphs

There is certainly a situation where he has taken the system to a super extreme, but the goal is not to get stuck in load situations at all (the capital market goes down 4% and there is a load in the flow of orders and the like)

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I do not find enough information to recommend my processors , Although I did find some recommendations regarding 3950/3900 but without supporting information. 

The requirement for ECC is for maximum stability over time, but it probably requires a high premium.

In fact the transition from 10980 to 2295 is only for ECC support.

The HEDT domain with the 10980 is more accessible and available than


I see that Plonter has an option to order Similar and there are relevant boards but the price of the processor is very excessive.

Worth to contact and check in detail. Chances are they have also assembled such systems in the past.

If you really go for it it may be better to purchase the processor separately from abroad, can come out a saving of 5000 NIS or more. 

2195 costs 12000 NIS in a tangle, while 2295 costs less than 6000 NIS before taxes, etc., maybe a bit of a problem because it is above the $ 1000 threshold.


 A board like the WS C422 PRO / SE will give you everything you need. In fact other c422 boards will also give you what you need.


Anyway, on 16 or 18 cores I would not take less than 64 GB of memory, within this system it is also the little money. 





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I did not quite understand what the advantage of the insanely expensive XEON processor is compared to the corresponding I9 processor which is significantly cheaper

The EEC if I understand correctly means that the computer does not crash, ever?

If I am willing to compromise because of the cost, is that the equivalent? Well there was a link here to KSP that I did not know is forbidden but anyway if I understand correctly the equivalent is 

Processor Intel i9 10920X 3.5Ghz 19.25MB L3 Cache s2066 - Box

Where can I get a quote?


Edited By giladbi
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I personally would throw everything you read on that site in the trash considering what appears there that I open it.
It is very likely that the R9 5950X processor will be better in every way and shape than the xeon that is there and will also cost significantly less (and it supports ECC).

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The processor that directly corresponds to w-2295 is intel i9-10980XE

The only advantage of e Is ECC support.

The i9-10920x has only 12 physical processing cores. Both of the above processors have 18. 


KSP and Ivory are . First and foremost it means that the professionalism of one branch may be very different from that of the other.

In my experience, even the average does not skyrocket. 


Such a computer I do not recommend you buy there but instead with more personal attention (there are some less cheap stores that specialize in high end hardware) even if it adds a few hundred shekels to the price. 


In principle I agree with moon-mage





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Do not know what happens that you open the site, that I open it I get a Popup of denial So automatically this site is not worth anything in my opinion.
In any case the 5950 X is significantly faster at a single core than the aforementioned processors of And it's a bit better at multi - cores in most applications, even though it has two cores less, and all of it is significantly cheaper than the xeon but unlike the I9 it's with ECC support.

Edited By Moon-Mage
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