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RAM dropped from 32GB to 16GB.

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Quote of NR

If resetting the BIOS did not help, then it is worth checking in the BIOS itself an option to manage the memory controller. From a common situation that is supposed to speed up access times to other things. I have not really encountered this recently and I have no extensive knowledge of it, I say in advance - but maybe there is an option of memory channel mode and should be set as independent. I will look according to your motherboard if there is such an option there and where it is. Which is weird because it's turned on by itself if it's related at all and why it does not reset when you reset the BIOS. Again this is just a hypothesis. In addition Windows started updating BIOS through windows update in some cases and this creates issues, maybe related to why it happened suddenly.


Edit: I see that 16 GB is reserved for you in the memory reserved system. I will look for what this means and what the solutions are. But worth looking for as well. He recognizes the second slot.

Thank you so much! I will also check. I'll just note that I have not reset the BIOS yet or the cmos. I just checked what's going on in the BIOS, to see how much is listed there


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It's worth trying first to reset the BIOS. Reminds only if necessary and will not let you turn on the computer - return hard drive or ssd settings to the required state (ahci or something else, and also check secure boot (seems to me to call it that, not near the stationary computer). This is a different situation from what was set when you first installed Windows.

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