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Computer does not recognize video card

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Hi, I built a computer with a gigabyte board ga b75m d3v, when I use the built-in video card everything is fine, the problem is that when I connect a video card (1050 ti) the computer just does not accept that it exists, even though the fans are running! The video card works, I tested on another computer, the processor also runs on another computer with the same video card, I also tried to update BIOS, and also put an older BIOS, I tried to turn off the built-in card in BIOS, also did not work, I tried to put an older BIOS, nothing Employee! When I connect the monitor to the card it just shows nothing. By the way, this is a low profile version, could it be related?

I would love quick help, I'm stuck!

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Prominent participants in the discussion

Prominent participants in the discussion

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The fact that the bracket looks fine does not mean that this is the case.

On the negative side, if the card works on another motherboard,

The problem is with the current motherboard.

What is the problem ? For the most part the resident.

There can also be an improper power supply and more priest and priestess.

Disconnect the board from the power supply and clean the bracket with a damp baby wipe.

You will literally move the wipe over all the contacts of a video card holder

Even with a small flat screwdriver, gently of course. Clean, yes?

Wait for everything to dry.

Get the voltage back and update.

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There are a few options to check before disqualifying the board:

1. It is indeed possible that the PCIe connection is not working properly.


2. Which You have? Did you check that it is suitable for the card in terms of power consumption and that it is working properly? You tried to connect Other? Does the card have an unconnected Pcie6 / 8 connector port? 


3. Did you try to disconnect the VGA (blue) cable connected to the board and see if the screen shows a display from the card after booting?


4. Did you try to replace an HDMI cable and check other connections on the screen / card? One of these connections may not be correct. 


5. Has the hard disk been new or had it already been on a previous session with a driver / driver of a screen before you connected the card? If so, was the previous driver removed with DDU software via safe mode and was an updated Nvidia driver installed?  

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So that way, the power supply is 450W and I know it is enough. As for the cables, the video card is in the low profile version, so it does not require electrical connections. I have already tried to disconnect the vga connection and it does not help, there is no post. I know the connections are OK because I tried with the same video card, monitor and cables on another computer and it worked. The hard disk was with an operating system and drivers, I just tried to download all the drivers manually and connect and it did not help (I installed them back and they do not now recognize any video card). Are you saying that should be removed with this software?

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Regardless of drive / hard drive.

Once you start a computer you should get a post on the screen,

Long before the rise of the operating system.

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