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The fastest for gaming? Core i9 11900K and Core i5 11600K processors in comprehensive review

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Does power consumption matter if I just run Or if I am heavier stuff? (As far as the processor is concerned. That is, does it always run on the same frequency or when something heavier is turned on, does it exert more effort and consume more power?)


I tried to google a list of By power consumption and did not find.

Do you mean YouTube reviewers?




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Processors used to have a static frequency. That is, the frequency was constant and did not change, no matter what the processor would do.
Today it is no longer like that. The CPU's logic is much more sophisticated and it knows how to change its frequency according to the load and power it needs at that moment.
The power consumption also varies depending on the load of the processor at that given moment (which is why this figure changes and needs to be measured at the moment of load).

There are many sites with URL reviews (the site here is one of the examples), there is the tomshardware, there is the anandtech, and there are also channels Who focus on the tech world like gamers , Has the linus tech tips, has the Paul's Hardware ...
You can start with a few of these, and YouTube will already give you in the videos aside more related recommendations

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