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Anyone know a store that sells thermal pads in the central area?


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Quote of amit14

for general knowledge,

How do you know that you need to replace thermal pads? Just because the degrees are high? In premium models, the pads are of sufficient quality in advance, no?

In gigabyte cards (also cards that cost over $ 2000) they chose to put thermal pads of the cheapest and worst kind possible on the memory which leads to temperatures of over 100 degrees for memory and thermal throttling, it mainly depends on the company and gigabyte tin company.
How do you know? Open GPU-Z and look at the temperatures with effort.
And if it interests anyone then I finally ordered from AliExpress.

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Quote of amit14

I have to worry with the 3080 aorus Extreme Mine? Because according to the afterburner he does not pass the 68 while playing (without oc).

Replacing such things eliminates the responsibility I not better to just exercise it if necessary?

Unequivocally yes, I have the same model.
In terms of responsibility I guess they will say it cancels, I have no idea and the truth does not really matter to me.
Do not look at the afterburner because it only shows you the temperature of some random sensor in the core area, lower the GPU-Z and look at the memory.

Just to clarify, I do not recommend you do this if you do not feel safe, I personally did it because it really annoyed me that such an expensive card does thermal throttling in games with I was so monstrous and only because they skimped on fucking pads.

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First of all you will sometimes see performance declines (which I have seen) and it is possible that sometime the memory chips will be damaged (I have no real way of knowing if 100+ degrees will cause any memory problems in the long run).
If you play an hour a day on average it is likely that no real damage will be caused and you will only occasionally see performance drops in some games in the summer.

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