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Software Practical Engineer or Electrical Practical Engineer?

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I'm starting my studies in about a month and doing a technological reserve, I have 10 units of electricity, a school major, now I'm not so connected to the electrical profession and I'm debating what is more worth to me in terms of study material and money for the future and more jobs, I really do not know what is worth To me and whether the military beats those who do thirteen hand

I would love an answer ... and also from people who have gone through this route


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Can not help you with the dilemma between power and software.

But if you want to be a software engineer in the future, the probably best route you can get to is to be a programmer in the military through a programming course at Maram or 8200. Too bad to waste time on thirteen.

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You will probably see that everyone wants to make a good profit and why not? But we need to move in the direction we can succeed in.

Programming is a field that can be easily seen if suitable not, because there is endless material on the net.
Try to study on your own and see if it appeals to you and there is interest.

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Note that it teaches a small and specific field within what is called “high-tech” at a reasonable level, this is largely what an artist is looking for, an altitude track that produced these booklets is in collaboration with the Ministry of Defense.
You will start connected to Peyton and when you are done you will , There is no promise that you will not engage in something clearly unrelated if and when you enlist for a "technological" position.


As for the ICT you want a programming course, either Magnes or Innocent can be fine, all include cadets if I am not mistaken, the big advantage over an artist is that at the moment the permanent is usually shorter.
The inlays in ICT are generally worse although it is important to understand that all inlays in the IDF are Russian roulette and there is no unit that if you are sure you are not dealing with something bad because everywhere there is black work, the differences are largely service conditions (how good the food, how close the base is, how close Your officers care about sampling, how many military police there are in the area) and area of ​​practice, this is also true for an artist (in the end even stinky places get people and not always in relation to how good they are professionally / important for the army's function and building power / any logical metric, within units / industries / Good sections have branches / sections / bad teams, it's a lot of luck no matter how much you cannon and how many course splurges you did and how many degrees you have).
In the artist you are aiming for one of the tracks under the gamma sorting (try to find the brother or sister of someone who serves in Modiin will usually be able to explain to you / find someone who will explain to you about the tracks) or for the tilapia track under the sky sorting.


An important point about a technological track is permanent, there is almost always permanent, you aim for as little permanent as possible, and that is assuming you are at all willing to sign permanent.
Mashav doesn't really think about it but it's not a trivial thing at all, it's a huge gamble (your contract will usually say something in the style of a job placement or you are exempt, who decides what defines such a role? The IDF can decide that this is what comes to him, what If it's really a job placement but at the end the professional level is low / do you hate it? Getting rid of what you signed is not easy), you bind yourself to the army for x extra time beyond your compulsory service in conditions that are not something at best compared to citizenship, the only metric you control In it and know in advance for sure is how much you sign (of course you can sign more (extension of service / BHD 1 / various degrees of degree at the expense of the army) and of course if you are lucky they may shorten your service due to lack of money / standards / you are problematic And decided to get rid of you / kaban / just luck).

If you have more time to apply for screenings, look for a phone call from Bashm or Gamma / Shakhakim, digging for the best in faxes can also help.

If you do not have (you want at least a year if not more before enlistment) then there is a program of Thirteen software that leads directly to a programming course and also some random things something in the artist, worth also finding out about it if you have problems of combat profile / fell between chairs in sorting / just You did not pass.
Of course there are also protections, if you know someone in any unit you will ask him to recommend you to a locating officer, there are always combos, if someone in your family has high grades in a relevant unit of course it is even better.

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