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Bezeq fiber - has anyone already experienced and can experience an opinion?


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Has anyone already connected to Bezeq's fiber?

I would love to know what you think about the product, the service, do you get a valid IP address or NAT address?

As for the price - I understand that they are more expensive than their competitors and that is why it is important for me to know if they provide a better product

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I've been online for 3 weeks.


I do not know if it is related to Bezeq .. but in the meantime I have problems with Yes's VOD .. Gets a glitch 751 as if there is no after a while..


I was at Bezeq International, they were not good, and then in the end I switched to a partner, more stable, but still Yes drives me crazy ... I did not find a solution to that.

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Quote from techmeout

I understand that they are more expensive than their competitors and that is why it is important for me to know if they provide a better product

I do not know if they are better than the competition or not (my bet: no) but rest assured that is not why they are more expensive.


At the same time, fiber is always going to be better than "old" internet. So if They are the only ones who have fiber infrastructure to you - it is better than nothing ..


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Quote of Milford Cubicle

I do not know if they are better than the competition or not (my bet: no) but rest assured that is not why they are more expensive.


I guess you're right.

Bezeq is always more expensive.

I generally have no problem paying more for a product from time to time but only knowing that the product itself is better or of better quality.

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I also recently connected to the optical fibers of With doubt of International (before that I was at Bezeq International in the 100 programMB). Only with wired connection I get over 950 megabits in tests and 100 uploads (I also know I'm probably near the exchanges From what I understood at the time). I currently have zero disconnections, but with the same modem / router I also had zero disconnections when I was with vdsl2 (Compared to previous modems I bought that were not successful).



I bought a fiber optic converter from Amazon Germany for NIS 150 which includes the fastest delivery so I can connect to my router through thewan Which I trust much more than the routerBE  Which is a joke in terms of options for definition. In my opinion at the moment the installation fee is non-competitive (about 450 compared to the competitors who do not charge some at all) although 2 technicians came to my house who stretched cables and everything through another area on the floor and that might make sense. However in other companies there is no installation price.


Now in theory in my opinion in Israel at the moment there are no serious competitors to Bezeq International at least as a supplier for my needs and I emphasize that it is specific to me and my needs (I do not take off fromp2p And not a game, mostly surfing and sometimes backing up to tens of gigabytes per nagla). As for web browsing then most ecdn They have a point in the country, most of them connect mainly to Bezeq International and some are exclusively (and perhaps stored in Bezeq's farms?). So access times to fill online sites always feel faster. It's a difference whether I connect to a server in the country of one of the companiescdn That it's between 7 and 14 ms Access time, and with other communication providers that I check with someone else and I connect through servers in the UK or Frankfurt or the Netherlands and the like of the same  cdn And it can jump up to 100 ms. By and large even when I'm with And connects at friends' house (including those with fiber optics from other companies, so the slowness is felt and sometimes also a lot and maybe I'm just a pedant. Usually what I do when I'm connected to someone with another communication provider, so I connect through vpn To the servers I checked through tracert That of , And then it feels much faster.


By and large some will say that Bezeq International invests in all these routing options and has agreements that it pays for. But in my opinion and the opinion of many others, there may be a kind of monopoly intervention here that does not allow other companies to benefit from it as well. I know that in certain groups of web developers and the like, so always complain to the Ministry of Communications that there is a monopolistic behavior here that does not give equal opportunity to most customers of different providers and it slows down the statistics of sites for everyone (including my site), but never a serious answer from the Ministry of Communications And Bezeq, on the other hand, is proud to invest more in this than other companies.



I will conclude - in my opinion, Bezeq's fiber optics are also excellent (at least for me) and I recommend at least according to my experience to connect only to Bezeq International's supplier (I will not lie, I do not know how they are in the infrastructure of For example, but maybe also ok). Now in theory I made the whole story through Bezeq and did not split into 2 different invoices of supplier and infrastructure. So you can sum it all up against Bezeq themselves.

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I can tell you I was connected for two weeks with fiber of As infrastructure + International as a supplier ..


Recently I started to feel instability (also in VOD) in speed tests that came as a result of the power and not the infrastructure.


I could not stand it anymore, and I switched to a partner, at the moment the speed is stable but the ping in games is higher .. (also with a package their)


See what happens, I still have not found the ultimate supplier that will give me both stability and low ping ..


By the way, a phenomenon that I noticed and in other people with fiber optics is the inability to watch recordings smoothly.


I do not mean VOD but only recordings / that is a multirom of Yes / or alternatively I also came across zoom recordings of part playing.


Anyone experienced this?


Edited By KF
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You did not specify whether the issues with the vod and the speed differences were with your same router or what the company gave.


Anyway, from what I noticed, then Bezeq has the modem / router Be which is the most limited in its settings and I got rid of it within a week, and while I was breaking my head finding a bug in them that would cancel my wifi. It may not support something or limit it in any way.


Me The router BE forced me to use combine bands that decide for me whether to use the frequency 2.4 or 5 without logic. I.e. AC or N standard that limits up to some 150 megabits or something in the style with a single antenna.


Anyway, I came across an example router that Cellcom brings to their fiber optics, and it is also in my opinion relatively basic but reasonable in terms of interface, with more Kinfog options and in my opinion more normal. In his case there was also an option to put 2 Separate to 2.4 and 5 and separate them.


Do not tolerate this option of merging network names and do not understand why they set it as the default.


In general do not like routers and neutered modems of the media companies. Just problems with them.

Edited By NR
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I have an asus rt-ax82u router. (Everything I said above, relates to this router of course). 


It is defined by me as PPPoE with the username and password I received from Partner.


I did not go into its depth settings .. is there anything you recommend setting in addition?


The VOD is working properly, the problem is in the recorded programs.


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Maybe it's something to do with DRM and the like. I'll try to find some solution. In the meantime in my opinion this is some limitation related to DRM.

 Update: I see all kinds of tutorials for Netflix when this happens with certain devices. I will suggest a few things according to what is written.


In some cases, the problem is resolved, for example, with a DNS change. Most often they offer to reset them, but there may be some problems with the dns of some of the media providers. Try switching to cloudflare dns in the router settings.

If you are in IPV4 then the default is -

They have a few more variations for family or against problematic sites.


2. Turn on UPNP and also MULTICAST, make sure WMM is turned on (truth should be turned on with AC)

Edited By NR
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In Dns you will first try to configure cloudflare In both set cloudflare

Now regarding the enable setting + dhcp connection he will get from the provider - it sounds a bit strange to me and I would try to do it as NO. Maybe that's what makes problems. Usually the dhcp settings should be elsewhere and not managed by the vendor.



Edited By NR
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Okay, I'll try and update.


In the meantime, it's all about default because I'm running another test of the multirum, in case the problem returns I will try to change one of the options you listed for me above and of course I will update ..


By the way, is there any definition that affects ping? Unfortunately through Partner I get between 80 and 100 with a package , Really disappointing ..

Even when I set OPEN NAT in the router there is no real improvement ..


Edit: By the way I do not know if it is related .. but I noticed that sometimes there are devices that become static IP and sometimes change to DHCP .. Receiver, converters, mocks ..

Edited By KF
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My recommendation is through the router to assign their own IP to certain devices. For example printers and the like. As for pings then the question is where. Ping to serve fast in Western Europe is usually about 60 MS. If you get a much lower ping specific site and the site is in your opinion European or American, then it's because you connected to a closer point or in the country of some CDN. As for the dns settings then it can speed up the pinging a bit for sites, not for games and the like.


Update: In the future that cloudflare warp will allow access to a server in the country (today it does not even give Bezeq International which is the only provider that is usually connected to it) so it will allow faster routing and reduce pings for everyone. Currently in the country connect via London or the Netherlands and it is irrelevant.

Edited By NR
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