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Help with the cooling arrangement in the most correct way (quite old computer, be gentle)

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Hi, everyone,

I would be happy for technical assistance please because I am a little rusty on the subject.

I have a very old computer that was used by me in the past for MCSE studies and I converted it to a simple gaming computer for leisure time ...

Dry data:

Processor i5 4670k

H87 hd3 gigabyte tablet

An old gigabyte case is also very basic and has the option of a 120 front fan, a 120 rear fan, and another 2 on the door of the case, a supplier sits down

There was never a fan in front of the case, there was only one emitting air out and on the door nothing - recently through a lab I asked to add Replace my rear fan and add 2 on the 120 door.

From what I understand, at the moment 2 people are putting in air and in the back of the case emitting air ...

Is this a normal condition? Isn't that too much?

The video card in this computer is gtx750ti (I replaced the paste Recently at maximum effort sitting at 60 degrees)

Provider 550v

Cooler Stock Processor (I did not check in depth his temperature during exertion even where I changed ointment Not long ago and also the stock Original in brand new cooling stock)

2 standard hard drives + one .

24GB RAM 1600mhz ddr3


Is there anything to change? All the fans are connected directly to the motherboard without splitters with nothing in the way.

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That should be fine. Once the power is down it puts in and out air for itself only and is neutralized from the rest of the flow in the chassis. Most fans on the front / side let in air and from the back / up take out air. What you have is quite in line with the standard.


In terms of quantity, there are different schools - is it worth an equal number of fans at the inlet / outlet, or is it better to have more cold air (like yours) or more air (because then there is negative pressure in the case, which causes cold air to suck in, on the other hand More dust ...).


In principle, I would prefer a front fan instead of a side one, because that way it also cools the disks, which are usually there. On the other hand, if there are too many disks, they may jam the flow.


In any case - check temperatures. If no problem, not sure I would mess with anything.

Edited By QttP
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Qttp Thank you very much for your answer, there is indeed The front of the case, the case also faces in a closed direction from the front and its side faces an open side so it might really be better to leave it that way for better flow. There is also in the lower part of the case below the power supply a place to put another 120 fan and it is free ... Beyond that there are no more places for additional fans (old case I said, the power supply also does not sit on the sleeve and has a fan facing down towards the housing.

Anyway I will continue to monitor the temperatures, might it be worth considering buying adapters for the hard drives and thus raising them up where there is room for disk drives and then all the space downstairs can be vacated in favor of a fan that will let in air for example? And at the bottom of the case maybe move a fan that will emit hot air out or put cold from the floor up?


The computer is not in OC or anything even though it sucks because it's a K processor but the board does not support it I think and it's a shame to mess with it so the temperatures are pretty normal and maybe I exaggerated with the amount of fans in the first place

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A-10 I believe I described things quite fully and matter-of-factly, disassembling the computer again from its niche to display an image and then plugging everything in and then maybe disassembling everything again because I got a professional answer that does not meet the same condition of the existing computer ... Thanks for wanting to help!

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It is possible to take a photo before the whole procedure.  :)

So you get an even more professional answer (maybe).

Anyway, at least I didn't go down without explaining myself first.

All is well.

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