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Exercise of warranty for a video card in the country


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Two and a half years ago I bought a 2070 gigabyte. Recently the card reaches 86 degrees with effort and bounces the RPM to 4200. The degrees drop to 83 ... rise back to 86, the RPM jumps to 4200 and returns for goodness sake.

From what I read is the fail safe of the card. Its 100% RPM is in the 3000 range.


I was thinking of exercising a warranty (the ticket was purchased through Ivory) and I have some questions. If someone has exercised a warranty recently (the period of shortage of video cards) it would be generally excellent.


1. How long does the repair / replacement take?

2. How much is the shortage of video cards going to affect this?




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Quote of Moon-Mage

Is it really worth it for you to be without a ticket for probably over a month instead of replacing a thermal ointment alone?


Do not know. That's why I opened the discussion.


On what basis did you decide it would take a month?

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Quote of Jabberwock

By the way, did you clean the casing dust nets?

Yes. The case is clean from all directions. Ivory's service by the way said it would take 7 business days for inspection + repair.

I will probably take advantage of this as I am not 100 percent sure the problem is with the thermal ointment and opening the card will void the warranty in case I need it.

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