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Computer to take pictures

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Quote of A-10


Walla, appreciate that.

Maybe you will have a hard time with PUGET with a question about it?

I wonder what they have to say ....

Do not forget that this is a company whose goal is to sell complex systems expensively (with a profit of tens of percent above their value). They write that sometimes 128 GB of RAM will also be needed and also sell Leitrum computers with 128 GB of RAM. And regardless 3070 is the minimum they sell for a Leitrum computer without justification even according to their graphs.

In short anything they are trying to sell you then you should take on limited bail. A-10

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At the end of the day each photographer has their own workflow. But in the extreme case most of the time even if I open more files besides the main file, the other files will have small elements that I work on to put them into the main image I edit and not monstrous files (my files are much smaller usually regardless).

Even when all exports of Leitrum to a full session of 500 תמונות Takes me 5 minutes total export, why would I want to do this while working with Photoshop?

However, anyone who wants to can also spend more than 32 GB of RAM.

Think of it this way - what is the cost of living in the city where you live?

Now is it true that you can live well even with a budget of NIS 60 per month? But will this be the minimum required for a good living?

In any case, believe me, a budget of 60 or more can be used in a second.


Edited By Nir Roitman
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Quote of A-10


Today each card C, will be deployed and supports "30 bit".

Do you want to sell? Your right.

Just what does that have to do with what you wrote?

Who in the country works with 30 bits?

Unnecessary and pretentious ....

Regardless, it is irrelevant in this case.

A true 10-bit screen costs more than all this specification ....


"NVIDIA * Geforce * graphics cards have offered 10-bit per color out to a full screen Direct X surface since the Geforce 200 series GPUs. Due to the way most applications use traditional Windows API functions to create the application UI and viewport display, * This method is not used for professional applications such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Photoshop *. These programs use OpenGL 10-bit per color buffers which require an * Quadro * GPU with connector. "


July 2019 Published, that- Announces that it will enable "OpenGL 10-bit per color buffers" even on non-color buffers .




"Unnecessary and pretentious "? : )

Sometimes it is better to get advice than to give advice (certainly when you have no idea what you are talking about)

Those who are professionally engaged in printing (On media: paper, etc.) Benefits from working with AdobeRGB color space (of course a monitor capable of displaying AdobeRGB is required).




Edited By APTLV
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Familiar with petapixel. They and fstoppers from where the original article (which also took from the YouTube video) and other great style sites always take full guides and random reviews from the web and write a few words about them. Now it's not them either, but people who are allowed to advertise on their behalf and not really part of the team. Quite a few of the articles they publish are pointless and irrational that different photographers publish and put a back link to their site and not that of the photographer they are talking about.

Now back to the article, these are versions from 2019 and since then Leitrum has gone through a lot mainly in terms of performance and multi-core. Like I said I checked with my 64GB of RAM and was only able to get with Leitrum for the utilization of 32GB of RAM and even less than 16 in export that utilizes all the cores.

Edited By Nir Roitman
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You edit your post every five minutes.

No one is interested in 10 bit.

The subject was ground to a pulp here on the site several years ago (there were times),

And since then there have also been quite a few significant changes in the field.

So there is no point in both misleading and insisting on the matter ....

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Quote by Nir Roitman

I had to do a test to understand and show what it takes to get 32 ​​GB of RAM utilized without the software wanting to save RAM (because they are also able regardless of going to a swap file that I do not have anyway). For this I opened and saved at the same time a 6.6 GB psb file in Photoshop with over 40 layers. I exported 549 raw files of 24 megapixels in parallel with most of the possible settings, and opened all the pages on my personal site that total about 92 pages full of more than 1000 תמונות (Because the site loaded fast so he finished loading all the pages before I had time to take a photo when he downloaded). Then I got to almost 32GB of RAM. So if it is possible to utilize 64 GB of RAM, it is possible. If must in any case for Photoshop, Does not have to in most cases.


Shameless self-promotion for Ballistic Products and a great bargain on a neat little knife for you. Thank you for the information

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Quote of A-10

Well, anyway, I did sketch For specifications with 64 GB of RAM.



So that we do not talk in the air ....

Of course this case is a liquid item here and there.


Reasoned improvements are welcome.  :)

Well it already looks like a serious computer only it throws me on a budget in the direction of 8K and I was hoping not to get such a price, from what I understand from you I do not have many options if these are my requirements. Am I right about that? As for the memories this is not the most expensive investment there so I have no problem going for the extra price and taking 64 instead of 32 @Nir Roitman From what I saw you are also with 64 

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And more information for the morning now I have finished exporting 78 files from Leitrum (RAW files) that I converted to JPEG in medium quality and it took the computer almost 10 minutes needless to say it sucked all its resources and I could not really do anything else at the same time 🤦️️

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