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Laptop battery

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I have asked here before about a battery that would run out really fast. Asked me to update all sorts of things and then I would upload a video to YouTube to see how long the battery lasts.

Yesterday after 3.5-4 hours it dropped from 100% to 30% percent. I did not have the option to leave the computer up to 0 so today I ran again. I see that after 3 hours and 40 minutes it dropped to 49%.

Why is there such a big gap between the test yesterday and today (I put the same video in a loop)?

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Because what the laptop shows is an estimate of the battery time according to what is turned on at a given moment.

Note that this also happens if you add or take actions during the day.

That is, the mobile shows that it has X hours left and if you close an application or add, the figure varies accordingly.

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I'm not talking about the time estimate that the computer shows.

I started playing it on a particular YouTube video yesterday and ran it in a loop. I came back 3.5-4 hours later and saw that it dropped from 100% to 30%. I could not let him continue to run until 0 yesterday, so I started doing another test today that is exactly the same. The computer is running the video, and I'm not touching it at all.

In that time period he lost 50% today compared to 70% yesterday.

He has been running for 5 hours right now and Otto is reaching 30% (about 33% right now).

It seems a bit strange to me that one time he lost 50% and a second time almost 50% more (70%)


At least this time the battery does not run out after 2.5-3 hours like I had at first.

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Exactly the same. About 70% in both cases.

The only thing that was different was that in the first test the cable cable was connected to the mobile for a longer time (I realized that if I run the same video, after one time there is no need for the internet so I disconnected it earlier today.


Today - 5 hours and 20 minutes - reached 28%

Yesterday in less than 4 hours it reached 30%


the mother Should give a generally different performance?


And unrelated question, do you get the beep of the site when there are new posts? I noticed I stopped accepting him

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Quote by law89

Do you get the beep of the site when there are new messages? I noticed I stopped accepting him


There's a bit of a mess today with this.

Sometimes you click on a new message and you have to do a refresher to see ...


About Mobile - 

You will need to retry the cable .

With how weird it is ....

Maybe a ticket Also grinds the battery?

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1.4 times? I have no experience with Not connected to electricity, but it seems strange to me.

I'll ask you (Although the representatives there are not the sharpest). I need the computer so I do not feel like checking every day :)

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I do not know if there is. Maybe the computer sometimes needs more battery even if you run the same thing. I have no idea, so I preferred to ask (what's more, here you get more professional answers than at And the like).

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I talked to them. Is it okay that today he used 79% of the battery for 6 hours and yesterday 70% for 3.5-4 hours (and that at that time the day took only 50%)?


What is the reason?

Maybe different uses etc.

But I used the same thing, I just turned on the computer and ran the same video on YouTube.




In short he told me at the end to pass him the battery log and he would check

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Lenovo came back to me and said it was okay. They asked me to take out a detail of the battery (attached photo).

Apparently on the 13th of the month the computer operated for almost 7 hours and consumed only 37% and on the 14th of the month it operated for 6 hours and consumed 81% even though the uses were the same (on the second day most of the time there was also no internet).


The actual data displayed there is incorrect (there is a continuation of the report). On the 13th of the month it is recorded that I started running the computer at 11:11:51 with 68% when in fact I started running it at about 13:15 with 100%.


Even if you look at the real data I measured and even if you look at the incorrect data that came out in the report, in both cases there is a big difference in the battery.


Someone with mobile experience can tell me if he feels big differences between day to day when he is The same actions?


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  • 4 weeks later ...

I connected the computer to an external monitor and closed the screen of the laptop. It makes sense that I get even worse data than with the laptop screen.

I checked yesterday. From 20:28 to 23:13 it dropped from 100% to 46%, meaning it would hold an order of magnitude of 5 hours without using its screen with easy use of web browsing, sometimes a bit Or watching the show.


If applicable, connect to a 24-inch screen with QHD resolution.

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