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Backup - Acronis

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Currently using Paragon. I will occasionally have to change the size of the partitions and it seems that in such a situation Paragon does not work properly (I tried to delete the new partitions and return the original partition to its original size and it did not work.


Anyone know if this can be done with Acronis or other software?

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Maybe the software you mentioned has software that changes partitions (yes, not the most successful wording),

 But it is better to have software that is really for partition manipulation.

In short, minitool (free) to anything with a partition in its name. :)

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I made the change myself (shrink). When I want to upload the backup, I can not because Paragon wants to upload a particular drive to a drive of the same size.


I tried to find all the plugins I made and return the drive to its original size but still Paragon does not recognize.

I tried to configure the drives manually and I was able to upload the backup and then I tried to upload the same backup again to see if all the drives were back to normal and I could easily go back to each of the backups. Paragon still can't find them automatically.


In the meantime I reinstalled Windows and then I installed Paragon and then it detected all the backups but this is a way that takes too long.


So I'm looking for software that can take me back when there were partitions of a different size than the partitions at the moment (there are currently two operating systems and I want to go back to one when I want)

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Backup management software, but one that can handle partition changes (i.e. the partitions are divided in some way before the backup and in another way after the backup).


By the way, on the face of it, it seems that Paragon currently only backs up my Windows and does not back up the partitions assigned to Ubento.

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In Acronis when backing up partitions or drives - partition size is part of the backup parameter. When restoring - by default it overwrites all existing partitions, so it does not really matter what change you have made to them since the backup.


If you back up and restore a specific partition, then he will probably expect there to be enough free space to place it where you want it. But - it has an advanced option to play manually with the size of the partitions, and I think it will also give you the option to restore to a smaller physical space, provided it is not less than the size of the space used inside the backup.


For example - a 100-gigabyte partition that had 60 gigabytes in use and 40 available - there is a situation that will allow you to create a disk of only 80 gigabytes on disk and restore there, but a 50-gigabyte partition - probably not.

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Released (Edited)

Thanks for the help, but I'm not sure I understood.

Status before backup - Suppose for the sake of example, one drive of 100. I performed a backup.

Mode after backup - let's say one drive 40, second drive 40, third drive 20.


When I come to upload the backup in Paragon, he writes to me, you have a drive of 100, refer me to a drive of 100 that exists Right now So I can upload the backup there. Since I do not have such a drive, I can not upload the backup. Does Acronis software not address the fact that there are now three small drives and able to take into account their overall size?


I attach To explain what I meant. Figure 1- When I want to go back to one operating system. As you can see the software does not recognize the drives on the right because they are a different size.

In image number 2 - I made a backup after installing the second operating system, and there the software does detect the drives because they are the same size.


Small unrelated question - does anyone know how to solve the problem that the name of the image appears where the X button appears (image 3). It has not been like this before.









Edited By law89
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I do not really know Paragon.


You do not have 3 small drives, but one large drive that you have divided into partitions, right? Acronis can overwrite all your partitions and build the drive structure as it was before the backup. He probably will not do it without asking you that it is really what you want.


If, however, what you want is to restore a 100 GB partition into a single 40 partition, then this is only possible if in the original backup the total space used was less than 40.

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a quote

You do not have 3 small drives, but one large drive that you have shared for a livingTeam, right?


I performed a shrink (the first time I do this) and then in the installation of Ubuntu I took the part defined in the shrink and split it into several parts.

When I go into Windows and look at the plumbers, I do not see the part performed on it shrink.


It seems to me that I will download and try it. This will probably be the fastest solution (I just hope that a situation does not happen like with Paragon, that I will have to reinstall Windows and from there upload the backup).


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