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I have a 1356 holder with 7GEN processors on two laptops


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I wanted to know because Microsoft require an upgrade to a Windows 11 processor from is gen 8 Is it possible to replace processors that support the chassis of 1356 for example i7-8650U Thank you friends for the answers

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Well, I asked for a model , Not a processor, but anyway,

Unable to replace fh vut nukjo kkuj to /


But you'm just worried ...

A. - There is nothing special about Windows 11 other than cosmetics for the most part, at least at this point.

B - It will be possible to install the 11 Also on your mobiles ....

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I do not worry😁🤑 The computers of one Dell Inspiron 7

And the other for Titus 7 and what does it matter which computer, what matters is the type of processor,

Second: Why is it possible to replace the processors?

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The above two processors are soldered to the board. 


Everything that includes BGA is soldered and does not fall apart.

The LGA or PGA are the ones that fall apart.

It has not been possible to replace a processor since 4th generation and even then it was only for some of the processors. 

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Quote of htpc

So I do not understand how the confidence to say sha take out and replace


You asked?

I answered!


Successfully !



By the way, the processors are sixth generation, not seventh ....

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