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Is it likely that the company is not willing to provide service if the warranty is exhausted (not in the event of a malfunction)?

I am not interested in exercising responsibility because I have no fault. I tried to ask them how to set up the printer that would work using Wi-Fi and they say that if a year has passed, there is nothing to talk about.

They referred me to another number that referred me to another number that referred me to a brother who did not handle the printer I purchased (Xerox).


Yael Solutions seems to be taking care of Xerox right now (they probably weren't the company that took care of them when I purchased the printer because I remember asking the representative if it would be possible to set up Hawaii Pay in the future if the warranty expired and she said yes).

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Hi thanks for answering.

I read parts of the guide, and it will take quite a bit of searching to find where some of the settings are located (like the printer's ip) and if that's the only solution, then I'll do it.


I just want to make sure that this is something that is acceptable from the point of view of the service provider who does not give any service on a product when the warranty expires (emphasis on service and not on the fulfillment of warranty)

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This is quite a situation of "all the answers are correct".

There are quite a few complaints about "Yael Systems".

Not so related, but say vendors Do not support what they do not provide,

Or if you have a router that you have paid for, you will not receive technical support and more priest

And priest tricks and sticks as the best imagination of the companies in the country.

Unpleasant - not surprising.


Not that as you have seen on mobiles with all the desire (really?) The situation is better.

To the glory of a state !

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There is nothing like the land. Prices in the sky and service (mostly) on the face.


When I bought the combo printer, I tried for two hours to turn on the scanner, and I try and try and do not understand what I am doing wrong.

At the end I talked to them and it turned out that they have some separate driver for the scanner that for some unclear reason is not on the disk with the drivers that come with the scanner. I wonder what someone who remembers after a certain period of time does that he wants to use a scanner and can not.

Anyway, I'll try to dig a little deeper into the guide. Thanks for the help.

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  • 2 weeks later ...

I talked to them, they referred me to mechanics. Mechanics want 100 NIS for the 5 minutes of installation of it. I told them no thanks.

I sent an email Zerox that to this day have not been answered.

I called them and told the representative who answered me that they had told me in the past that there is no problem to call after a year and set the. She tried to wave at me and told me they had changed focus. I told her that just because they changed hotspot did not mean that what they had committed to was no longer valid.

She said she would pass it on and see what they would do.


I less recommend Xerox for a simple reason. The printer comes with , But wonder and wonder how much I tried to use the scanner, I could not.

At the time I was emailed another driver who for some unknown reason does not come with the printer.

In the installation there is an option to configure . I tried but it gives some message that it does not recognize the computer (do not remember the exact wording). It is possible that here too you need some external driver that does not come with it.


I will use it at the usual time and when the day comes I will probably have acne from another company (it already makes strange noises sometimes even though I used it a bit).

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happily. Maybe I should turn to Global Xs to make sure there is no driver that does not come with the printer because the installation of the disk fails to run it.

Lucky I saved the scanner driver, otherwise I could not have used it. I wasted two hours at the time trying to figure out why the scanner was not working when it turned out that no matter what I was doing, I would not be able to turn it on.


Too bad for the service. The printer is not very expensive but also not cheap (cost 600-700 NIS)

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Updates for the benefit of future users Shaul will have to do this:


In the Xerox forum they refer to this page:


I followed the instructions but it is not enough. Then you need to insert the installation disk and select the installation of (For me it was in the third option, I believe in other models it might be different). It initially asks you to connect the printer. And from there just run with the instructions listed in the installation. Notice that it comes at the end of a page where it asks you what to install. Do not leave this page even though it is identical to the normal installation of the printer and it seems to you that you are installing the same things again. Need to install them again.

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