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Help choosing a 480 GB SSD hard drive Price up to NIS 250


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I'm looking for With at least 480GB at a reasonable price, I can buy 500 GB but it costs 375 shekels and it's a bit expensive, I have 3 other options :

1. Sun Disk Plus capacity 480 GB, price 210 shekels

2. Gigabyte Volume 480 GB Price NIS 230 GIGABYTE GP-GSTFS31480GNTD 

3. Kingston A400, capacity 480 GB, price NIS 235 


GB best right? He has a 70K 75K IOPS, Kingston is fine too but his performance is pretty limitless and he doesn't want to spend another 140-165 shekels for The EVO870 is insane and also the SATA connection has a bottleneck anyway 

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Prominent participants in the discussion

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I went to Mark 64 disk and it writes on my disk GOOD 66% What does 66% mean?



And regarding the drive I'm looking for the best of the three, from reading the net I realized that in terms of performance the kingston is not something to say the least, the sandisk does not have much information and the gigabyte makes the best impression but on paper do not know how it is in terms of reliability near the kingston, I need the for tomorrow

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The drive worked 27 hours, what's wrong?

66 percent say the drive is in health at 66 percent.

It's not that he's going to die tomorrow, but he's worn out.

If / and because GOOD appears - everything is fine.

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Has to drive Another year / two more or less life? have seen Of Kingston A400 960GB at 410 shekels I am debating whether to add this amount or take A400 480 GB at 235, or take at all The gigabyte looks on paper with better performance but the reliability seems to me less than the Kingston and the Kingston's performance is less good but more reliable.

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Quote of iveco


27,063 hours = the disc worked for 3 consecutive years without stopping 24/7.



You are the last one who can complain ....  :)



Usually, the higher the volume, the more information can be written to the drive,

That is, in a drive of a quarter of a tare you can write say 70 tera,

And on a Tara drive you can write 200 TRA or more.

So that too is a factor that needs to be taken into account.

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Released (Edited)

I entered the software of the And the firmware version was 11.1 I did an update and now the version 11.2 but in practice I do not feel anything, what update is there in this firmware? What is this actually supposed to do?




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Walla, take Gigabyte and Khalas with the digs!

They tell you, explain to you, and you do a round again and go back to gigabyte and how good it is.

Want good? More complete.

Do not want to pay?

So everyone is the same.

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