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Sharpness of 2K resolution - screen 32 in 16: 9 ratio versus screen 34 in 21: 9 ratio


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Is a 34 screen widescreen resolution of 3440x1440 will look sharper than 32 screen with 2560x1440 resolution?


After all, the 34 screen is wider, but in terms of height it is about 27 inches.


Thanks for the helpers :)

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The screens have a given number of pixels per inch that represents the sharpness, this page has a table that compares common screens in different resolutions
 You can see that 34 "with 3440x1440 is the same as 27" with 2560x1440 for both 110 PPI

The 32 "resolution of 2560x1440 has a lower density of 93 PPI

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Quote of djelectric

You probably know that in my flesh I have experienced this difference. My subjective answer is that apart from the numbers, there is a clear difference in sharpness, or more accurately in the details.


Are there also supposed to be a significant difference between FHD and QHD (24-inch screen)? I do not feel any significant difference.

On the other hand, you have a price because software and files are opened differently on the screen (in terms of on-screen layout) and it is not always convenient.

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Workspace is a valued thing. I really like workspace. Scalability of She's a little hard, but in the end everything works. Increasing resolution usually translates into increasing workspace, as long as one can look and understand what is being read.

The screen of an exam system It's a 24 "1440P screen by the way. The sharpness and details in it are great. I think the experience of using many uses surpasses that of a typical 1080P 24 screen. Certainly it has its advantages.


Of course there is also great importance to the viewing distance because pixel density, or at least the perception of density to our eyes varies with different distances.

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Not with me :)

On the screen of FHD I put on 125% percent because it is too small.

On the QHD screen I put about 150% or 175%. The problem is that the layout on the screen is different. For example an excel file that utilized the entire screen, suddenly the script is on 80% of the screen at 150% or if I put on 175% then I do not see the entire script and I have to scroll with the mouse.


I did not notice that the sharpness is better, certainly not significantly.

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In my experience:

27 inches on FHD looks less good than 24 inches on FHD. Lack of sharpness.

VA panel is more pleasing to the eye than panel . The writing in it will also look better because it is usually black and the contrast in VA is better.

The downside to this is that in fast scrolling the reporter will smear because it takes time for the pixels turned off to light up.

It is very worthwhile to buy a screen with a stand that can be raised.

The difference in aspect ratio in resolution is also due to the layout of the pixels themselves. Each pixel has 3 LEDs in it .

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I do not compare between 24 and 27 FHD, but between 24 FHD and 27 FHD. I do not feel a significant difference.

Interesting that the font is different, I do not know if it is because of the company or it is different because of the resolution. I'm still trying to get used to this font.


The subject of the stand is interesting. I'm not 100% sure if it's worth adding another certain amount for stands like Dell's.

The interesting thing is that every two years it releases a "new" model that is about the same as the old model and asks for another 20% compared to the old model. It's a little unclear to me what.

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  • 2 weeks later ...

Thanks for the response. Definitely agree with djelectric  I ordered the M32Q on Amazon and was not pleased with the pixel density, the screen was returned.


I am considering a wide 34 for the reason that the density is similar to a 27-inch screen with a standard 2K resolution. 


What would you recommend, take 34 wide b 3440x1440 or wait for 32 with (Probably M32U or another screen in the same style) and carry games with a mid-range video card to the next generation of cards.

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