Buying a new computer (for an existing GTX 1060 6GB) - up to NIS 2,000 - Advice before buying a computer - HWzone Forums
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Purchase of a new computer (for existing GTX 1060 6GB) - up to NIS 2,000

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Hello everyone,


  • I have a really old 7 year old computer (fourth generation i5), and with windows 11 requiring a newer processor I feel it might be time to innovate a bit (although even on the current computer the memories, the And the video card [which will be transferred to the new computer] is renewed)
  • The needs are light gaming (FHD screen with a tempo of 60) and a computer that withstands the encodings nicely For Plex.
  • In addition, I decided to use my current video card due to the ticket prices but the assumption is that I will replace it in the future when prices return to normal, so the specification should take this into account.


Below is a specification I assembled in PCPARTPICKER, with my video card and also with memories That is currently at a really affordable price on Amazon (Free shipping, without VAT):


what do you think?





The current computer by the way (in addition to the specified video card):


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  • dkaro changed the title to Purchase of a new computer (for existing GTX 1060 6GB) - up to NIS 2,000

Thanks, there is a recommendation for which power supply?


And as for the memory, do you think it is really right for me to order from Amazon or already order one in the country with the computer?

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I have some 700w supplier that I bought once (at least 6 years in my opinion), not modular, do not even remember which company / model. The question is how reliable these things are and how much can you trust that it will continue to work for many more years.

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Quote from VanHalen

Always fun to rejuvenate. But I doubt how much you will feel the difference between the new and the old.

As someone who has moved from I5 6500 to R5 3600 with 1060 6GB I can assure you that you feel very much the difference and that was even two years ago or something before even more demanding games came out towards the CPU.

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With the help of the articles on this site, there is also a good power and storage provider from Amazon, so the specification I am currently fixing on is:




Memory:  G.Skill RipJaws V Series 16GB - About 200 NIS

storage: Samsung Electronics 980 SSD 500GB - M.2 NVMe - About 250 NIS

Power Supply: EVGA 220-B5-0650-V1 650 B5, 80 Plus Bronze 650W, Fully Modular - About 200 NIS


I also changed the case to a micro, hope all the parts in general match each other.


What do they say?

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Well, I have a friend who works at Intel and it turns out I can bring through him At a really, really cheap price.

I can probably bring the 10400 in the NIS 400 range, and I can probably bring the 11700k in the NIS 850 area.


Obviously the discount on the i7 processor is much bigger but the question is if I have any need at all .. what do they say?

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