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Thank you


I buy it to check something and after a reasonable chance I will transfer it to the old computer for the ports so I want to make sure it will fit two different computers.

So just make sure:

1. Are there different connections of In the style of drives that share SATA etc?

2. Is within the specification of the board if I can see the size of the video cards it supports? (If at all it matters).


a quote

The board should not be a problem unless the computer is antique or it is a branded computer. 


I do not know what you define as antiquity. The processor that is there to the best of my recollection is i8, so it gives roughly an idea of ​​what type not if it is there. I do not know if it was probably launched about 4 years ago and is considered antique.


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i8 is a model of BMW, will be renewed.

A computer from 4 years ago is not antique. As for a 10 year old computer you might want to check in depth.

The connection to the board is in the pci-e interface and it should be compatible with any board from the last decade +.

There are very special and exceptional boards that may come without a pci-e connection.

The board does not limit the size, I think a small look into the case can answer this question.

A lot of talk on the air is solved by giving names / models of products 

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a quote

i8 is a model of BMW, will be renewed.

Thank you :)

The reference of course was to the 8th generation lol

Folded nicely


a quote

A lot of talk on the air is solved by giving names / models of products 


I need to check it out. I do not remember the model. I will come back with answers when I find the invoice.

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